Tips To Help You Boost Your Content On LinkedIn

1. Track And Capitalize On Engagement

As a B2B platform, LinkedIn tends to be active at particular times during the week. If you’re just venturing into LinkedIn promotion, begin by posting at 6am, 12pm and 7pm. Track your engagement in LinkedIn’s analytics to determine which updates receive the greatest level of interaction from your community. Boost the engagement of your posts by scheduling your updates just before or just after the hour to take advantage of users who are checking their social feeds just before or just after appointments or meetings.

2. Throw Paid Linkedin Advertising Into The Mix

Consider incorporating paid tactics into your LinkedIn strategy, but test each build accordingly. Sponsored Updates are ideal for sharing and promoting your original content. They are also great for increasing the visibility of what you post. Target your updates according to offer type and industry.

In addition to executing Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn also has a self-serve ad platform. However, this LinkedIn advertising platform only contains remnant inventory. The ad space itself is less than premium. Having said that, LinkedIn’s targeting is quite advanced – regardless of ad type. You can filter your targeting by role, industry, company size, company name, role function, and more to easily find your sweet spot.

3. Have An Editorial Plan

A content calendar can help aid your LinkedIn marketing strategy. When you develop an editorial strategy, you should include a LinkedIn promotion plan (along with plans for other social media platforms). However, always leave room for flexibility so that you can capitalize on topical issues, news and trends. While your calendar will impact the frequency of your LinkedIn updates, you should aim to post about once a day.

4. Share The Right Kind Of Content

One of the most important aspects of promoting content on LinkedIn in making sure you’re publishing the right kind of content. The network lends itself better to certain types of content than others, and you should consider this when developing a LinkedIn promotion strategy.

Do share:

  • Relevant, engaging content (tips, lists, posts with strong CTAs)
  • eBooks
  • Case studies, reports or white papers
  • Job opportunities

Avoid sharing:

  • Updates with questions
  • Videos
  • Updates that are emotionally charged – the tone on LinkedIn is even and professional

5. Format Your Updates Properly

Using proper formatting when posting is a simple yet oft overlooked aspect of effective LinkedIn promotion. By using the following parameters, you can help boost your reach and improve your LinkedIn marketing efforts:

  • More than 100 characters
  • Include a brief summary of what your LinkedIn post is about, even if you’re only curating the article
  • Include images
  • Links – like Facebook, you can use a link preview on LinkedIn updates


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