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#1: Build Your Personal Story

Most of us never figure out who we are.
We become parrots — copying and regurgitating thoughts, opinions and viewpoints that are not ours, but heard from elsewhere.
But, to succeed on social media, you MUST know who you are, or at least what you represent and who you want to be.
Because they are fed up with the insincere people showing off their fake “good life” without ever expressing the human side of themselves.
They want authenticity. They want sincerity. They want to see what it’s like to struggle and overcome.

#2: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is akin to your company homepage.
You can have the best content in the world, but if your homepage does not communicate its value proposition, you will lose your customer’s interest.
As Josh Fechter, founder of Badass Marketers and Founders puts it:When people look at your profile, they decide whether you’re worth connecting with in several seconds.
It starts with your headshot.Despite its recent algorithm changes to become more Facebook-like, LinkedIn is still at heart, a platform for professionals.Your pictures must look professional.
Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be in a suit and tie to convey “professionalism.” As long as the photo is professionally taken and you look good, it’ll work.

#3: Get Endorsements From Your LinkedIn Connections

Most people think that they’re done when they finish optimizing their photos, headline and bio.You should optimize every aspect of your profile, including your endorsed skills.
You can game this aspect by “trading endorsements. Message or email someone to endorse you while you endorse them back. Alternatively, to increase the likelihood of someone endorsing you, you can endorse the person first before messaging.
However, there is one caveat.Because endorsements are so easily gamed, they may lose its value in the eyes of the person reading your profile.

#4: Be Consistent

GaryVee puts it quite simply:“Okay, I started Gary. Now what?” you ask? Keep doing it for another five years and then come back to me before you ask again.
Virality is hard to predict, and it is false to assume that you have one at bat.Create as much content as possible, so that you increase the possibility of one of them going viral.
In fact, this is the single most common tip amongst all of the influencers I interviewed for this article.

#5: Share Your Journey

The above quote by Thomas Ma says it all:People enjoy seeing the struggle and the rise of the entrepreneur.
People love to show the glamorous side of themselves on social media, even though life is not like that.
We all struggle through similar insecurities, fears and frustrations.And it IS suffering through these obstacles that bond us together as a community.
We love movies because the idea of watching the hero struggle through challenges and eventually making it out on the other side excites us.

#6: Put Your Links In The First Comment

What happens if you’ve wrote an article for a blog, or another publication? Should you share the link on LinkedIn?Yes, you should. And you can.
Remember, not everything you do should be done for views and views only.
However, if you want more views for LinkedIn, and still drive traffic to your content, there is a way you can do so, that is:
Place your links in the first comment.Here’s what Hailey Friedman has to say.



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