Ways to guarantee more likes to your LinkedIn Posts

1. Share on LinkedIn

When you first publish a LinkedIn article, it will prompt you to add a message and it will not only publish it to your profile, but share it as a story to your newsfeed. One big mistake that people make is they stop there. Most, if not all, of your content on LinkedIn will be evergreen content. You can schedule it on a repeating basis to be posted on multiple platforms, using a scheduling tool like Agorapulse, and get a much wider reach for your content.

2. Share Your LinkedIn Articles with Specific People

It is important that you don’t spam your personal contacts with an individual message every time you publish a LinkedIn article.

Think through who in your contacts would genuinely benefit from the knowledge and information you shared in your post. Then send them a personalized message with a link. Something like:

“Good morning/afternoon, [First Name]! I just wrote an article about how to get more views on LinkedIn Publishing posts, and I know this is something you had mentioned you are exploring. I hope you find it useful, and would love to know your thoughts if you have a minute. Thanks!”

3. Share with LinkedIn Groups

Like with personal messages, there is a right, and a very wrong way to share in groups. Here are some important guidelines:

  • Always read the group rules first to make sure they don’t explicitly ban sharing your own links
  • Participate in the group regularly, not only when you have something to push
  • Make sure it is genuinely helpful information, and not a promotional tactic
  • Customize which content you share based on the specific purpose and demographics of the group
  • Personalize your message to make it clear why you are sharing this article with this group
  • Make sure to comment and follow up on any comments and responses in the group, don’t drive-by link drop

When done correctly, this is a great way to be seen as a useful resource. Do it wrong, and you will more likely be thought of as a spammer.

4. Share with Other Social Media and/or Email

This one is a tricky one, as it depends on your bigger picture social media strategy and goals. If you are repurposing your own blog content as LinkedIn articles, then you may prefer to send them to the original source on your website, rather than your LinkedIn profile.

If however you have not shared the same content in another way with your email list or other social media accounts, then share on! Follow all the same guidelines to personalize and customize. And if possible, add it to your Agorapulse or other social media scheduling tool.

5. Be Aware of Search Optimization Best Practices

Are you still not seeing the number of readers you would like on your articles? Maybe the way you wrote the article itself needs to be evaluated.

LinkedIn is really both another social media platform, as well as its own search engine. Optimization is important in your headline, text, and images. Think through who it is that you want to read this article, and what they are searching for, or what frustration they are having. Do you answer their questions? Do you solve their problem?


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