Instagram Marketing – Get More Likes on Instagram With 7 Great Tips

1. Instagram’s algorithm changed

Instagram’s home feed is not chronological anymore. This means that your followers won’t immediately see when you post something new. Therefore, they won’t (all) immediately like your post.

The algorithm works a bit like this:

The more you interact with an account, the more it will show on top of your home feed. Instagram will take note of which account you seem to “like” and “engage with” the most. So they will show you these accounts the most.

Moral of the story: Interactions are  important.

The more you interact with your followers, the more likely you are to appear on top of your followers’ feed in return.

Quick tip: Turn on the notification for accounts you never want to miss. If you want them to think about you, you need to think about them.

2.Post high-quality content

Kind of a no-brainer, but you can’t expect to get a lot of likes if you post bad content.

This does not only concern the quality of the post itself but also how interesting your audience finds your post.

First of all, it’s 2018. Almost everyone can get access to a high-quality camera. Don’t be that person who posts blurry and out of focus images because people hate that.

You don’t need the most advanced camera, but investing in an “average” camera can really do wonders for your page.

Secondly, you need to take a moment to study how well your older posts did on your page so that you can take knowledge from that and improve your future posts.

If you notice that a certain type of motive or photo get much more likes than your other posts, start posting more posts that are similar to the one generating the best results, and stop posting the type of content that gets the lowest amount of likes.

Lastly, there are some statistics that show what type of content generally gets the highest amount of engagement on Instagram, so why not have those in mind when creating and posting your content.

3. Like other people’s posts

A great way to get more likes on your posts is to like other people’s post.

The best results will be achieved if you like people who share the same kind of content and share the same passions as you, because then they will be curious on your profile and check your posts out when they see that you have liked their post.

A good method is to go into a hashtag relevant to your niche and like the pictures there. Quite quickly, you’ll be able to see that some of the people who you liked will like back, and some will even start following you.

4. Use local hashtags

We explained how effective hashtags can be for likes, but there are some hashtags that might be more effective than others.

Local hashtags are some of them. People are curious to see what is happening in their own city, so using hashtags for your city is a great way to get local people interested in your page and like your post.

5. Tag location

You, of course, want to display your post on all places possible, so don’t forget to also tag a location in your post. This will make more people find it and ultimately engage with it.

People who find photos that have been taken near them are more likely to engage with them, so using broad locations such as “United States” is not always better in terms of engagement, even if it’s easy to believe that because you’ll obviously reach more people.

6. Tag people in your posts

The best is to tag people in your niche because these are most likely to engage with your content.

Not only will they get notified when you tag them in their post, become curious, and most likely engage with the post, but your post will also be displayed on their profile in the “tagged in” section, which gives your post even further reach.

7. Link Your Instagram to Facebook

Speaking of people who know you. A lot of the people you are friends with on Facebook are also on Instagram and when you link the two accounts those people will get a notification that you are on Instagram.

Your friends already know you and are likely to engage with your content, so this is an easy trick to tick off the list.


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