Youtube Marketing – 8 Killer Tips to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2019!

If you’re new to YouTube but want to monetize your content you’ll need to generate 4,000 hours of Watch Time, and you’ll also need 1,000 subscribers to qualify. Here are 10 tips to help you attract those first 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel

#1 Apply Directly to Your Audience to Subscribe

There is a school of thought that suggests asking for subscribers, may sound a little desperate, even cheesy, but it’s simply a part of the YouTube fabric. People ask you to smash that like button to improve the YouTube algorithm and engagement rates. I’ve never had a single comment on one of my videos complaining about asking for subscribers and if you never ask, you may never get.

#2 Use Resources to Encourage Subscriber Sign Ups

A way you could encourage your viewers and subscribe is to use animations on your videos to make the subscribe button pop. You can get all sorts of resources from all over the internet. Simply try what fits for you and you may see an upsurge in your subscribers.

#3 Take Advantage of Your Watermark Branding

Our next step is to take advantage of our watermark branding. When viewers click on this icon, it takes them to your channel where they could subscribe after watching more of your content. It’s edited and created via the branding page on the Creator Studio. Make sure the word ‘Subscribe’ is included in your icon, and don’t introduce it right at the beginning or at the very end of your video. You want it to act as a visual distraction, maybe 30 to 45 seconds into the video.

#4 Add a Call to Subscribe on Your Endscreen

While you can’t add subscription links in YouTube Cards during your video, you can add a subscribe button to your Endscreen. Have a play around with graphics and animations for a really strong call to action (CTA).

#5 Make Building a Relationship With Your Audience a Priority

Subscribers are earned by building up a relationship with your audience, and that can be done in many different ways. Of course, the most obvious one would appear to be on a personal level. You’re standing in front of a camera, meaning the audience can connect with you directly, and vloggers certainly will build up subscribers as they tell more of their story.

But it can also be on an educational level. I know of many videos where I’ve watched something, and I’ve had that light bulb moment in the video, and that makes me click subscribe immediately. That sort of subscription happens a lot with educational and How To channels. The problem with that is that the user usually just wants a specific answer to a specific question that you gave them, and then, they’re not interested in anymore of your content. But that’s the nature of YouTube – subscribers can have different values to different people.

#6 Double Down on the Video Content That’s Working For You

Now, there is one tried and tested, guaranteed to work shortcut to getting more subscribers, and that’s sub for sub. I am kidding, of course, but there is a hack to getting more subscribers faster, and that’s to analyze the data on your own channel to see what videos convert videos into subscribers. It’s called the Channel Audit, and when you open it up, there is a section dedicated to videos getting the most subscribers for your channel. It stands to reason if those videos are turning viewers into subscribers, you should do more content on those themes.

#7 Be Consistent with Your Upload Schedule – Give Viewers a REASON to Subscribe

Being consistent comes in many different shapes and sizes, but one of the most important ones is consistency of schedule. Make sure you keep posting so people come back to your content, but most importantly, keep consistent in your choice of topic. Let’s say it takes three videos to convert a viewer into a subscriber:

  • The first video creates awareness of who you are and what potentially you do on YouTube.
  • The second video creates that consistency. Now, they know what you do and that they like the content.
  • The third video, build more momentum of what we talked about in tip one, trust, and that’s where the subscription may come.

If you’re jumping from topic to topic to topic, you may never get past the awareness stage of your content. I know this may sound counter productive at this point, but you really need to focus down on one specific topic. The thing that you’re most passionate about and that you can tell the best stories about.

#8 Treat Viewers as Guests – Make it Easy for Them to Understand What Your Channel is All About


Consider viewers as your guests, and welcome them warmly into your home. Give them a guided tour so they know where everything is, and those guests will soon become friends. What do I mean by that metaphor? Sort out your channel page! This will include creating a channel banner that visually tells your audience what you do in five seconds, and uploading a channel trailer video that best represents the kind of content that you do.


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