Youtube Subscribers Tips – How to Double Your YouTube Subscribers in 8 Easy Ways

1. Use keywords to get visible

SEO is vital not only for your website. YouTube videos need to be optimized for the search as much as the rest of your content. Otherwise, users will simply fail to find it by their queries. Take your time to conduct research of relevant keywords on your topic and make sure to include them in:

  • Video file name;
  • Video title;
  • Video description;
  • Tags;
  • Closed captions (needless to say, you have to articulate the keywords in the video to be able to transcribe them afterward).

To find the right keywords, use the tools like Google Keywords Planner. The YouTube auto-suggest feature may also come in handy.

2. Create a Channel Thumbnail

Your channel thumbnail visually represents your channel on Youtube. In comments or if you are a featured channel on someone else’s channel. So you have to make sure it looks good small and large. You can have your logo if it’s a business channel and a photo of yourself it it’s your personal youtube channel.

3. Reformat your content

Apparently, video is not the only type of content to help you drive traffic and promote your business. Whether you are a brand or content creator, you probably own a blog with a few posts that have already clicked. Consider making videos based on these materials. Visualizing your successful textual content may attract a broader audience and make your expertise more appealing to people who prefer to consume content through watching rather than reading. YouTube users especially enjoy tutorials, guides, and “top” lists. So, if you have content like that in your arsenal, you should definitely make a video out of it.

4. Create a Channel Trailer for new Viewers

You can have a video trailer on your youtube channel for visitors that are not subscribed (yet). Your channel trailer is like a movie trailer where you can show the highlights of your channels’ offering so viewers will want to subscribe to your Youtube channel. To learn how to set up a channel trailer, check out this Youtube help guide

5. React to comments

Although many view YouTube purely as a source of video content, it remains a very powerful social platform. In fact, this is the beauty of YouTube: you can watch a video first, and then jump right into discussing it with other viewers in the comments section. That is why users want video authors to be responsive to their feedback.

You can keep engaged with your audience by replying to their comments and answering their questions. Your courtesy won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure.

Another excellent way to interact with your viewers is to “heart” the most positive or useful comments (thanks to the Creator Hearts feature). In this way, you not only show your appreciation to your audience but also encourage them to come back to your channel. Every time you heart a comment, its author receives a notification. And according to YouTube data, such notifications receive three times more clicks!

6. Focus on Quality

Work hard to make an amazing video! This is the most important thing you can do. Amazing videos keep viewers watching, sharing and craving more. Keep it interesting, grab hold of their emotions, and make the entire experience visually and acoustically stunning. To do this, you’ll need to get the right equipment and someone on your team with the skill set to make a high-quality, first-rate video.

7. Highlight your channel identity

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube, you need to make an impeccable impression with your channel page. Since it is the face of your content on YouTube, you need to ensure it looks professional and highlights the identity of your brand. Here are the key points you should take care of when creating your YouTube channel:

  • Write a compelling channel description: Don’t limit yourself with a couple of sentences; give people a good reason to follow your channel. Tell them what topics you cover and who your channel is for. Don’t forget to provide an actionable call-to-action.
  • Upload an appealing channel icon: You can either go with your brand logo or opt for a more personal approach and provide your real headshot. Anyway, make sure the image is of high quality and looks good when cropped.
  • Apply an eye-catching channel art: The banner image that will appear in the header of your channel page must convey the general idea of your content. It must also be visually attractive, vivid, and crisp. It should feature your channel name, tagline, and the “Subscribe” button.
  • Create a convincing channel trailer: This one is optional, but a well-made trailer can entice more people to join your community. Try to make it dynamic and engaging, add some humor, and demonstrate a few snippets from your previous videos.


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