The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started Using Instagram For Business

1. Frequently Post Instagram Stories

One way to get around the decrease in post engagement is to expand your posting in another area. Instagram Stories offer a variety of engagement opportunities, including the newest Poll feature. The algorithm takes into account all actions of engagement like replying to a Story or sending a Story to someone. The more engagement, the likelier your posts will show up in the feed.

2. Use Live Video

Much like the previous suggestion, Instagram Live videos are another way of engaging with your followers. The video is bumped up in the Stories feed and your followers might also receive a notification if they opted in.

3. Run a Contest

One surefire way of increasing your engagement is to run an Instagram contest on a regular basis. Consumers love free items and it creates a little goodwill in your fan community. The frequency and rewards can vary, but the idea is to increase engagement and brand awareness.

4. Post Engaging Captions

Captions that ask questions or provide a call to action can help start some conversations with your followers. But don’t stop at asking the question. Be sure to reply to comments and continue the conversation, otherwise, your followers might stop engaging.

5. Offer Free Advice or Information

Consumer education is one of the slower but more effective ways of building your brand. Offering information that’s useful for your fans can eventually turn them into paying customers. The advice can be posted on social media in small bites, in a blog post format and even in a newsletter.


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