Ways to Guarantee More Views, Likes ,Shares to your LinkedIn Posts

1. Discuss Relevant Topics and Use an Engaging Title

Research your readership and analyze the problems of your audience. A high-quality article will highlight the needs of your viewers provide a solution. Before brainstorming new topics, check current events. What major changes or occurrences are happening in the days surrounding the publication of your article? Focus on content centered on a topic that is both important and relevant to your readers.  

Quantify the information and advice discussed in your post. Include tangible goals in your writing that make your instructions practical and immediately applicable.

When writing your title, use specific action words such as:

  • “How to ____”
  • “Why You Can ____ ”
  • “3 Ways to ____”.

These simple but useful keywords help gain more viewership for your article and allow your readers to understand at a glance the topic of your writing. 

2. Share! Share! Share! + Comment!!

Join relevant groups and share your article in each one. Use other online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to increase exposure, however, don’t spam your audience. There’s no shame in reusing content, but try to keep the wording fresh. Share your content on multiple platforms at different times throughout the day to avoid supersaturating your network.

In addition to sharing, engage your audience. I have noticed in the past that many users fail to reply to comments or engage those who are replying to their published posts. Do not let hanging comments lose momentum! The interactive comment sections is a great opportunity for the author to share more expertise and keep their post on top of the LinkedIn feed, which will greatly increase visibility.

3. Finish With a Compelling “Call-to-Action”

The “Call-to-Action” is pretty much exactly as it sounds. CTAs prompt the reader to take action, and are most often at the end of the article. A compelling CTA has three primary components:

  • A copy that makes people curious such as; “Learn More___” or “Get Started At ___”. Aim to make your CTA something your reader can’t help but click.
  • Clarity! Make sure people know exactly what they are getting into by responding to your invitation. Be straightforward.
  • A specific page aligned with your content and CTA. The most effective CTA links redirect the reader to a dedicated landing page.

Driving your online traffic to the page set-up to schedule an appoitnment, download your free e-book or sign up for your webinar further engages them with your product or service and creates a clear purpose for your CTA.

4. Share Your Post

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