Free Soundcloud Plays: A Step-By-Step Guide!

1. Make great music consistently

It’s about time to finish your loops or any unfinished projects. Don’t be to afraid of fans commenting on your music. This will help you grow and receive the necessary feedback to continue making complete projects.

Spend time making your music sound its best. Don’t be too repetitive or make it much more difficult for people to listen to.

Make sure your music speaks to you and will it will certainly have a similar effect to your potential fans thus helping you get more followers on SoundCloud.

Be keen on time management and make sure to get the most out of your production tools. Making it a priority if your serious about making it in the music industry. It helps knowing your favorite DAW inside out or fleshing out those chords on your MIDI keyboard all day.

2. Link your social media profiles to your SoundCloud account

When editing your bio click add links to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. This will make it much more easier for fans to follow your music and be up to date with any announcements you make.

Make sure your social media profiles are also 100% complete even up to the events or venue you are going to be performing at.

Social media is your best chance of getting more followers on SoundCloud. You can never underestimate the power of social media especially as a musician.

3. Have a consistent brand across all your social media profiles

Fans want to follow something they can identify with all represents something special. If they are able to notice you from the crowd there more likely to get more followers on SoundCloud.

Through the course of time they will become familiar with you as they see your brand on the social media sites they use. Be able to reinforce your brand and separate yourself to become unique.

4. Create a solid network

When starting out to promote your music, most people will not pay attention. This is okay. It helps to start with a group of people who are willing to listen to your music firsthand and give you their opinion no matter what.

This will be very helpful if you have friends whether offline or online. It is even much better if they happen to be musicians especially on SoundCloud.  They will help you promote your music in lots of different ways without the need of you targeting random people one by one.

The goal is to create a bond with these people very closely and build real relationships. You can do this by showing genuine interest in their music or just creating real value where you can offer them free giveaways such as free merchandise.

If that seems to expensive the best you can do is to give a shout-out or mention them on your social media profiles. Tagging them in your social media posts will make them think highly of you, good enough to motivate them to share your music even more.

Worst thing you can do on social media is following 5000 random people without any engagement and spamming your feed with music links. This can be a bad way to get more followers on SoundCloud.

Make sure you like, repost, comment on other peoples songs or social media posts and within a matter of time they will start paying attention to you and what you have to offer.

And they key is to focus on only a small number of people, maybe even 10 to get started and I’m pretty sure you will get the most when growing your network.

5. Join related Facebook Groups

If you happen to use Facebook, there are music-related groups you can join. Getting started is easy as there little to no requirements needed. You basically need to search for your genre of music you are currently making.

Using the search bar you can narrow down to specific groups you might be interested in. This groups can also be in relation to whether you are a producer or an artist. It can be even according to which Digital Audio Workstation you use such Fl Studio, Logic Pro or Ableton.

You are bound to find discussions you can participate in. Find questions you can solve that are posted by other musicians by offering alternatives or suggestions and they will highly appreciate it.

Once in a while you can then use those platforms to share your music and members of the group will be much more willing to share if they find that you have helped them out. And if you do it right you will likely get more followers on SoundCloud.

6. Collaborate with your new connections

Here’s the beauty of doing a collaboration: You do half the work and get extra exposure to all of their fan base as well as your own. This is one of the best ways to get more followers on SoundCloud

You also help your friend by letting him or her get exposure to all of your fan base! Collaborating also helps you to discover new techniques and approaches to making music by seeing in depth how another person does it. This will help you grow your skills.

7. Post On Music Forums and Subreddits

Getting on popular music forums or subreddits will help you gain a huge following. Forums and subreddits receive thousands and thousands of visitors a day. This can be a good opportunity to get your music out there for them to listen.

The best way is to be interactive by participating and posting relevant content. Be part of the conversation rather spamming with music promotion links. With time as you get to be part of the community you can mention your SoundCloud profile.

It’s not that difficult to find music forums and subreddits dedicated to your particular genre. New artists get discovered daily on these networks and if you are that good, chances of you going viral are very high.

Trust me! you will get the exposure that you deserve if you be patient enough and in the long run things will work in your favor and ultimately get more followers on SoundCloud.


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