SoundCloud Plays Boost – 7 Effective Strategies to Try

1. Use Emojis in your Username

It is a little trick we use on the Cymatics Soundcloud. Soundcloud now permits you to use actually eye catching emojis in your title. This helps your music stick out in newsfeed. We like to make use of the checkmark in our title, however there are a number of others you should use.

2. Easy Profile Description

I’ve seen so many producers and artists write large paragraph descriptions about their mission. It’s tough to carry someones attention so they can understand a tweet, much much less an extended mission description. The perfect ones I’ve seen are easy, have just a few hyperlinks out to their socials, and have an email contact.

3. Soundcloud Background and Profile Picture

This one is non-compulsory but it surely may give your profile a really artsy and professional look. Artists like Gallant and Maxx have nice examples of this. It is a wonderful means to enhance your “picture” and identity.

4. Reply to all comments

It’s humorous how plenty of artists don’t even display any like to all of the listeners or give them a respond. When somebody leaves a comment, its the right time to interact with them. You may take 15 seconds to easily go away a “Thank You” and it makes an enormous difference in that individuals day. Have you ever ever had an artist retweet you or reply to you in a comment? It normally feels fairly good, regardless of how huge they’re. (Plus it fills up the tune and makes it look more well-liked, social proof matters.)

5. SoundCloud Groups

Next is to become members of different groups on SoundCloud – since this feature is free of cost, it will not hurt you to socialize a bit. The benefit is that once you become part of the various group you could share your tracks with them thereby helping the music get natural SoundCloud plays.

6. Customized Images

Add custom header images and specific descriptions talk about the music piece. It is important that this header should be a good mix of high-resolution and explicit images and creative descriptive. Making the header professional by adding credits, lyrics, etc. will make it more appealing.

7. Album Cover

Hire a designer to make your album cover beautiful and impressive. It is because once the album cover gets coverage on social media, it is your music that is getting represented. Hence it is essential to make it attractive and truly symbolize your audio.


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