3 Tips For Getting More Spotify Plays | How to get your first 1000 Spotify Plays

Tired of checking your Spotify stats and seeing “>1000”? 

The first 1000 plays are the hardest to get but we hope these three simple tips will help you get more Spotify Plays for your music.

1. Get Playlisted

Getting your music featured on Spotify playlists can be difficult. The main playlists are controlled by the editorial team at Spotify or the major labels but there is no reason you can’t submit your music to some independent Spotify curators and work your way up that way. \

Some curators accept playlist submissions via the Soundplate website. Check out the Spotify playlist submission system on their website. Others use SubmitHub to accept new music and some are happy to receive email submissions.

Pro Tip: The Spotify editorial team that curate the main playlists on the platform pay attention to the ‘buzz’ around a track, if your music is being featured on Blogs or on independent playlists you are much more likely to be added to the big playlists.

2. Make The Most of Your Social Media

Direct your existing fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your email database to drive traffic to your music on Spotify. There are also several groups on Facebook where people share their own music and offer feedback to others. You can also use your Soundcloud to drive traffic directly to Spotify.

Running several social media profiles can seem like a daunting task but there are several online tools you can use to schedule social media content in advance and grow your accounts with minimal effort.

3. Make Use of Scannable Spotify Codes

Spotify has recently launched a big new feature, ‘Spotify Codes’. If you have used Snapchat you will already be familiar with how this works.

In brief, you can now share scannable, QR-type, codes which link to tracks or playlists on Spotify. To find the code for a track or Spotify playlist start by opening it on the Spotify mobile app. Tap the menu icon (top right of the screen) and you will see the code appear.



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