SPOTIFY MARKETING – A few basic Tips for Audience / Followers Growth

1. Spotify Codes

People might be put off taking the time to search for you, especially if you’re new to Spotify and don’t come up in the search straight away. This is where Spotify codes can be very useful, sending potential fans straight to your music and profile with a quick scan.

Find creative ways to integrate Spotify Codes so it is as easy as possible for people to use them. This can be done through posters, business cards and also on merchandise to give fans a visual reminder to listen to your music.

2. Make your own playlists

You don’t have to be promoting your own music all the time to increase your Spotify following. Fans might get tired of you promoting the same song and could lose interest in your other posts.

Creating good playlists drives more interest to your profile and helps you clearly define your target audience. If you know what kind of artists are similar to the music you make, include them in your playlist and try to win some of their fans.  

You could even reach out to these artists, especially if they are new and independent. They are more likely to do some promotion to get their fans to go to your profile and listen to their music.

3. Offer incentives to your followers

Give your fans a good reason to follow you on Spotify. Think about what you can offer, whether it’s a free download of unreleased material or something more.

You could offer competitions exclusively to your Spotify followers ie giving away 5 free tickets for a show but only to those who follow you. This could not only boost your profile but also bring in a larger audience to your live show.

4. Add a Spotify profile image

When it comes to images, you want to pick something that will draw fans in and will make them want to click on your artist profile instead of someone else’s. What is it that makes you stand out and represents who you are as a musician? Make sure that you pick a high–resolution image. Quality is important here as if it’s the wrong size then it will be pixelated. Ideally, it needs to be at least 2660×1140.

5. Use your Spotify artist data

One of the big advantages of Spotify for Artists is that you will gain access to lots of different data date to alert you to the number of people that have accessed your profile. You can find out things such as who is listening to your music and which playlists are bringing in new listeners.

These statistics are becoming more and more useful for musicians. You gain a great insight into the demographics of your fans and this can help you make important decisions in the future. For example, knowing where most of your fans are can be a great asset for choosing where to tour.

6. Get fans to add you on their playlists

If you know that some of your fans are on Spotify then ask them to share their playlists with you. It will be good to see what your fans are listening to and understand what other music the people who like you enjoy enough to put in their playlist.

When you do this, you could choose the playlists that are the most suited to your music and ask your fans if they would add your tracks. Again, you could offer incentives or rewards to encourage people.

People are more likely to come back to your music if it is in a playlist. Also, getting yourself into more playlists will show Spotify that people want to listen to you. This could potentially lead to being featured in bigger playlists created by Spotify themselves.

7. Promote on your social media

You can share music directly from Spotify through social media, including your own music and playlists. You can also promote new releases from other artists on all of your platforms to show your followers what you think the best new releases are.

If you can get your fans into the habit of going to Spotify through your posts and profile then they will be more likely to engage with you promoting your own releases. You’ll gain followers that click on your posts or story every week to listen to music you share and this can bring up your streams from your music.


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