Increase Your Followers on Spotify Playlist – A Musicians Guide 2019

1. Include a brief but engaging bio

A lot of artists starting out do not have PR budgets so print out the bios of other acts that you view as being a few steps ahead of you in your scene. How do they word and structure their bio?. The reality is most of them have written it themselves with a PR advisor or they have a friend who is a good wordsmith. Did they get a review from a local magazine or blog? If so, send your music to that blog or magazine and get a review that you can use on your Spotify profile (refer to last weeks blog for tips on how to prepare your Electronic Press Kit. 

2. Artist playlists and artists picks

The key priority for an artist on Spotify is to keep fans engaged and to encourage them to come back regularly to stream your music. The artist playlist feature displays to followers what you are listening to and the music that has influenced your sound. The playlist is also a good opportunity to show a bit of love to your local music scene. Share the playlist on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc and encourage the artists you tag to share it with their followers. Share this idea with other bands and get them to add you to their playlists. Collaboration is a key part of the music journey.

3. Pay attention to cover art.

Album art isn’t a lost art — even though it’s a tiny thumbnail these days. “Visual should not be an afterthought,” George said, while urging artists to imitate the artwork of releases from successful artists.

4. Create your own Spotify playlist

This is a great way to get your initial streams, by creating a playlist of similar artists which includes your music, you can promote this playlist which can generate listens and fans. Make sure to give your playlist a name which will entice people to click and listen and your playlist must have more than 30 songs.

5. Credit your Collaborators!

If you’ve worked with a creator on a track – maybe they’re singing on your track, Spotify makes it possible for you to credit everyone.

If you have a featuring artist, or a remix on your release, if you distribute through EmuBands, we’ll ensure it is credited properly, and the track will show on your artist page, as well as your collaborator’s page. This means that their fans and followers can find your music easily, too.

6. Give Your Post a Paid Boost.

Getting your song featured on SPOTIFY is awesome. You need to help your song go viral. After your song gets uploaded to your channel, then you need to quickly drive a lot of traffic to your song. This will help your song to push it in top of the channel. Wondering how to get to the top spot. Spend a few bucks on SPOTIFY Profile. This will help quickly drive lots of traffic to your SPOTIFY Profile. Or Visit SMMSUMO website they do provide High-quality SPOTIFY Package with real User and 2 years of replacement protection on there each service with MoneyBack Guarantee.

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