Ways To Get More Google+ Followers

1: Post Often

Posting often is a great way to get more exposure on Google+. Posting often on Google+ creates the possibility of your current followers sharing your content with their audiences and coming back for more of your content. Posting often also makes your account look more attractive because it is active. If your last post was from a month ago, you won’t get as many followers because not posting in over a month shows inactivity. However, if you are posting four times every day, people can expect to see you in their feeds when they follow you.

2: Post Spreadable Content

When you publish Google+ posts, you must publish spreadable content. This is the type of content that people in your targeted audience would want to share with their followers. Getting more +1’s for your content serves many benefits. The first benefit is SEO. You will get more blog traffic from Google if your followers share your blog posts on Google+. The second benefit is that more people see your content as your followers share your content with their audiences. The third benefit is that your account now looks more attractive to potential followers. If all of your Google+ posts are getting +1’s and comments, that social proof will tell a potential follower that a lot of people like what you have to offer. As a result, more potential followers will follow you.

3: Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling your posts on Google+ is important because your content gets put in front of an international audience. Of course, any person with a Google+ account is able to follow you, regardless of which continent that person is on. However, someone following you and someone seeing your posts are two different things. Many people only schedule posts to their timezone convenience. Many people schedule their posts in the morning and the afternoon, but few would think to schedule a post at 2 am.

The argument is that everyone would be asleep at that time, but that only applies to the people in your timezone. 2 am in California means 10 am in London. Sure, people in California are sleeping at 2 am, but at that same time, people in London are waking up (and some check their Google+ accounts right when they wake up). You can schedule a Google+ Page’s posts with HootSuite, and DoShare is great for scheduling Google+ on your personal account.

4: Follow Other People

One of the easiest ways to get someone to notice you on Google+ is to follow them. Of course, if you follow someone with 1 million followers, you may not get noticed because those people get hundreds of new followers every day. However, if you follow someone who has a few hundred followers, that person will probably notice you. Many of these people still choose to receive an email each time they get a new follower. These are the people who are likely to follow back.

When you follow other people, make sure you are following people who are following other people in your niche. These are the targeted followers—the group of people who would appreciate your content more than any other group of people. A targeted audience is the best type of audience you could possibly have.

5: Do More Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts are cool. You get to interview people and then immediately publish the video to YouTube. The transition is easy to make, and when you post the Google+ Hangout to your Google+ account, your followers will take a look at your hangout. You can also broadcast a live Google+ Hangout and respond to questions as people ask them through their comments.

6: Be Active On YouTube

Google+ has an entire tab dedicated to your YouTube channel. If you go to my Google+ account, you will see a YouTube tab, that when clicked on, will show you some of my videos. The more YouTube videos you publish and add to this tab, the more valuable it becomes. You want to give your followers a variety of options so when they go to that tab, one of your YouTube videos is bound to get their attention. Being active on YouTube also helps you tap into a new audience.



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