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1. Be interactive

When you post your new song or mix be sure to include a “call to action”. Remember to do so in a polite and kind way. You can use sentences like “please show some support and share this” or “hit like if you think this deserves that”. Tickle the listener’s conscience but don’t bite it.

2. The equivalent exchange rule

Remember that the photographer or graphic artist also wants more audience for his work! I’m pretty sure that he or she doesn’t post music often so if you both agree to share your works, both sides will clearly benefit! The same goes for Soundcloud uploads: if you play something good, share it, comment it, like it. Remember how happy you are when somebody does so under your music!

3. Work hard to look good

Not everyone has a good sense of taste, but while picking up the artwork for your avatar and profile cover it is important to remember the appropriate dimensions (nobody likes seeing pixels) and number of details shown. Your graphics will appear in several places (eg. in comments) in reduced size. Will it still be readable in half size? Again, Uncle Google is really helpful in the matter of pixel numbers. It is also important for the content of this graphic to be related to what you do. After all, one picture is worth more than 1000 words.The same should go for your music making practices. You can not play all instruments at once. Ti is always a wise idea to use loop samples. But always use good sample packs. About a month ago I wrote an article about this matter. Getting some more knowledge about samples and sample packs might be useful:
Where is the best place to buy sample packs in 2016

4. Build your audience in more places

So you have a nice Soundcloud profile, but in most cases it is not enough. Treat it as your visit card. Besides Soundcloud fans, you need to find more audience. The same way as you did with your Soundcloud account, fill in your Facebook fanpage and several other popular social media like twitter Tumblr, Google+ and so on. If you have energy, you can also use Instagram for posting pictures of your work in progress and many more. Be creative!
What is also important is to join several communities. There are really nice and active groups on Facebook and G+. There is also Reddit: “the front page of the Internet”. Find some active(!) forums where users discuss about music making and exchange songs they like. Remember that the correct genre and/or topic is the key.

5. The equivalent exchange rule: take two

After joining a new community do not start by posting your stuff!!! Read some threads, show some support. Start by sharing your knowledge and experience. It is for sure that this way you will also learn some new things. Maybe you will find someone with similar music taste to cooperate with? After posting several comments, reading about several problems and helping to solve some of them, you will be seen as someone interesting. Now is the time for a thread with your music. When someone sees that a fellow musician who supports the community posts something new it is sure that he will check this out. He will not see this as an advertisement!
Listen to new songs, write down somewhere the profiles of musicians whose music is related to yours. That is for the next tip.

6. Don’t compete, cooperate!

Use your favorite DAW software to make a 20 minutes of mix with your tune somewhere inside. Include some tracks of your fellow community members. For a better effect tell them about that before making a mix. Maybe they will give you their new tune? Why not adding more flavor to your mix by getting some sound effects? Remember that a great mix includes not only great arrangement of music, but also some sound effects: sirens, vinyl sounds, or ambience. Any of them used properly can do miracles.
Now you are ready to post new mix not only on several social profiles and forums. The audience will be double, triple, or even bigger. Find an hour when more people is online and set up the same share timing with others. There is a bigger chance for the mix to get viral this way.

7. Treat your audience good

Post your music to appropriate audience. Nobody wants to hear music genres they don’t like. That will get you nowhere. Don’t spam, don’t send annoying messages. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t like to be done to you. Treat people with respect and so they will treat you the same way.

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