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1. Schedule and Promote your broadcast

The more viewers you can get onboard ahead of time, the better. If you’ve got some good content to share with the world, let them know when to expect it. Schedule a date and time for your broadcast, and allow your audience to decide ahead of time. Additionally, you can send out promotional materials on your other social profiles, on your website, or to your email lists.

Using the native scheduling features on Facebook, you can also alert your existing followers that you intend to go live. If they choose to, they can opt in for a notification shortly before the time you’re set to broadcast.

Make sure you include enough detail within the title and description of your promo to give potential viewers a grasp of what to expect. This requires planning, but as we continue on, you’ll see how useful the planning phase is.

2. Start immediately after your broadcast is live

This is a very common mistake and requires an understanding of exactly how live broadcasts are promoted by Facebook. Shortly after you “Go Live” the Facebook Algorithm gets busy trying to gather a crowd. We’re all very familiar with the notifications, but actually, they don’t all go out at once. I’ve seen it take as long as 15 minutes for someone to receive a notification that a page they follow was live.

This means we can’t wait for viewers to trickle in before we get down to it. Remember, at this point in time, you cannot edit your live video after it’s been recorded, meaning you can’t trim out 2 minutes of nothingness at the beginning of your video.

Instead, once you start broadcasting, get into the good stuff right away. Don’t be afraid that someone is going to miss something, they can always go back and watch it. Remember, even if you only have five viewers to start with, this group is most likely to share the broadcast, meaning increased reach and more opportunities for viewers.

3. Write a thorough and engaging description

Having a good description in your promotional materials, live broadcast post, and the recording solves two problems:

  1. Potential viewers know what to expect from your live stream
  2. Newcomers during the video will be able to jump in without confusion

We’ve found that by adding a thorough description, viewers tend to engage with the video more and therefore increase view duration. Additionally, adding questions that you’ll be answering, or solutions you’ll be providing, sets an expectation of takeaways and agenda.

In this example, we’ve painted a pretty clear picture of what we will be covering, the main takeaways, and what you’ll gain from tuning in. For the record, by “gain,” I mean you’ll get first access to our videographer description template. And furthermore, by joining us live, you’ll also “gain” the opportunity to ask us questions to be answered in real time.

After your live stream is over, make sure you change your description as necessary. Add questions you answered, tease something crazy that happened during the stream, add links to things you talked about, whatever it takes to make it relevant and enticing to someone who might see the recording in their timeline.

4. Tease the result at the beginning

This is one of most underrated video marketing techniques, used by some of the most successful YouTubers in produced video and live streams as well.  Fact is, keeping the attention of an internet user is tricky. You’ve got to make the value of your message abundantly clear and upfront. Simply relying on the quality of the content within just won’t cut it.

Instead, make your viewers a promise that your message will deliver on.


“In this video, we’re gonna teach you how to make lasagna. By the end of the video, you’ll know what ingredients to buy, common mistakes to avoid, and how to make an authentic Italian dish your family will love. Also, I’ll tell you why cottage cheese will ruin the recipe. Stick around and you’ll be ready to make this classic meal in time for dinner.”

Sounds pretty enticing right? Using this technique in both the video dialogue and the description will generate interest in your message, and therefore keep your viewers engaged.

5. Encourage interaction with your live viewers

It’s very important to make all your viewers feel as involved with the stream as possible. From the moment they start engaging with you, you must acknowledge it.

For the sake of explanation here are some examples of what you might say during the lasagna making tutorial:

  • “Hey George, thanks for joining.”
  • “I use Generic brand pasta sauce, how about you? Kevin says he uses XYZ sauce.”
  • “Patrick asks: Do you need an oven to make this dish? Yes, Patrick. Great question. You need an oven because…”

Making an honest attempt to interact with every viewer is how you create a really engaging broadcast. In some cases, there may be too many, but viewers will know you are doing your best.

In exchange for making this thriving and collaborative stream, ask that your viewers to PLEASE share the broadcast, and while they’re at it, go ahead and hit the like button. If you’re interacting with your community genuinely, it will be much easier to ask them for that favor.


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