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Chances are, Instagram has become a big part of your social media marketing strategy.

And with good reason – it’s one of the best ways to promote your business and connect with your customers.

But there’s one question I hear all the time: How do I get more followers?

Fear not – I’ve put together 55 foolproof ways to get more Instagram followers for your business.

Let’s get started!

1. Choose a memorable username

Having a username that’s short and easy to remember means it’s easier for people who have seen your account once to find it again in the future. It also means there’s a lower chance that users trying to tag you in a post will have a hard time finding you. Your best bet is the name of your brand.

2. Have an intriguing profile picture

Your profile picture is like your Instagram first impression. If you’re an individual, a photo of your face is a good choice as it lets people know who you are. If you’re a business, use your logo to establish brand identity and to make it simple for users to make connections with any other marketing materials they may have seen from your brand.

3. Update your bio

Make sure your bio fits your business goals. Though brands like Adidas can get away with short, vague bios based on their sheer brand power, you’ll want to be a little more descriptive if you’re trying to grow your brand. If you’re selling products, mention what they are and briefly describe what makes them unique. If you have a physical store location, your bio is a good place to include the address, as well as your opening hours.

4. Link your Facebook and Instagram accounts

Linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts allows you to automatically post the media you’ve posted on Instagram to Facebook. Not only does this make it simple to share the same piece of content across two of the biggest and best social platforms, it allows you to leverage the reach you have on Facebook to grow your Instagram profile. Make sure your Facebook captions link to your Instagram profile, so you can turn Facebook fans into Instagram followers.

5. Share your account on other social networks

Though other social platforms aren’t as fully-linked to Instagram as Facebook is, it’s still a good practice to reach out to the audiences you’ve built on other platforms. If you’re finding it difficult to drive people from one network to your Instagram profile, consider offering an Instagram-only coupon or some other offer as an incentive.

6. Share your account to your email list


There’s a few ways you can do this. You can send a single email newsletter urging people on your list to follow your Instagram account, or you can consistently feature your account in some way in your email marketing communications (through a social icon or a short CTA) to make sure you reach both new and old subscribers. Like the previous tip, offering Instagram-exclusive offers is sure to boost your click-through rate.

7. Promote your IG account on in-store materials

If you’re lucky enough to have a retail location, take advantage of it! Put up signs in your store advertising your Instagram account – even offer discounts in exchange for a follow from customers. You can also offer incentives in exchange for Instagram posts of your store with an @ mention; this pushes your brand out to your customers’ followers, helping to organically spread the word about your brand.

8. Promote your IG account on shipping materials

If you run an e-commerce business and regularly ship out products to your customers, consider adding a small card to each shipment with your Instagram profile and a CTA saying something like “check out our Instagram profile for discounts and our new products!” Because these people are already customers, they’re likely to follow you for discounts in the future.

9. Link to your Instagram account on your homepage

If your website is a large traffic driver, make sure you have social icons on your homepage to direct visitors to your social profiles. Though this may not be a huge source of new followers for your Instagram profile, every little bit counts


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