How Can I Get More Instagram Video Views? Quick Tips

1. Use Hashtags

Choose the best hashtags to increase the visibility of your instagram videos. Hashtags help you target a specific group of customers. For example if you own a clothing brand then you can incorporate hash tags like #summertrends or #fashion on your instagram videos to increase your visibility among potential customers.

2. Post at the right time

To get more views on your instagram videos, make sure to post them in peak times. The peak time for your video can depend on a lot of factors like the type of industry, product/service, location and target audience. You need to understand the behavioural patterns of your target audience like at what time of the day are they most likely to browse and view your video.

3. Give your videos a professional look

You can use video editing softwares to give a polished and professional look to your videos and make amazing advertising shorts. Some of the programs that you can use are Widows Movie Maker, Wondershare and Cinefy.

4. Create Shareable Videos

Creating easily shareable and interesting content can encourage more people to share it, thereby helping you to increase the views on your instagram videos.

5. Repost Your Videos

Apart from posting fresh content, you can also repost videos that you had created in the past. This is because you will gain new set of followers with time and reposting the most helpful and popular videos can help reinforce a particular message and simply get more views from new followers sharing your videos.

6. Use Boomerangs and Instagram Stories

You can give your video marketing strategies a twist, using boomerangs or Instagram Stories. Boomerangs are eye-catching and delightful to watch which can help increase the views on your videos. Instagram Stories last for a shorter time span but can prove to be effective in attracting the attention of the viewers.

Instagram has proved to be a great platform for sharing videos, educating your audience, increasing brand awareness and attracting more customers. These tips can help you get more views and engagement from your followers on your Instagram Videos.


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