YouTube Ranking How to Get More Views on YouTube

1. Optimize your Metadata:

Metadata in YouTube refers to information about your video that includes the title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles. This metadata can help an audience to discover your videos on YouTube effectively.

Title: This is the heading of the video which should be self-explanatory. If your video title matches to the thumbnail image then there are chances to get more clicks based on the context.Sometimes people miss matching the thumbnail image with their title that causes less attention to users click on it. Also, name your video file accurately. If it’s about a Mango, then the word “mango” should be in the filename of the video. For example, you can name it “sweet-mango.mp4. Right click on the .mp4 file and fill out all the fields ie title, subject, author, category, keywords, tags. Now upload your video to YouTube but set it temporarily to “private” so you can optimize the rest of the settings within YouTube.

Description: “Content is the Reason search began in the first place”. The most informative places of videois Description which should be in-depth and keyword rich, as only first few lines or 160 characters will appear in search results and above the fold on a watch page- so make them count 125 characters for YouTub and 150 characters for Google.

Tags: Get to know the intricacies of tags and cleverly optimizing it with an SEO helps is ranking up the video and show up in the related video section. So put right tags, use them wisely make sure to use relevant keywords related to video.

2. Playlist play an Important role:

Creating a playlist will put the viewers into the section where they could find all your videos. This will help the creator to show up all their videos in an organised way. Playlist can be off multiple sections.

3. Use the power of Annotations:


Adding annotations to the Youtube Video will give more information, can be use for highlighting other videos or series and short clips this will add value to the viewing experience. Annotations are of many types like spotlight annotations, InVideo Programing Annotations which will customised the use of annotations.

4. Share the Content wisely:

Despite the fact that YouTube is the second most powerful media network, leveraging other social media sites too such as Facebook, twitter, blogs etc will grow your Youtube Presence. Likes, shares, tweets (#)hashtags, play a strategic importance in the world of social media networking to gain you a probable face amidst the crowd.These platforms help to increase engagement with other’s content and simultaneously imply your own video link in the related genre. Remember Don’t be a Spammer!

5. Participate in Discussion:

You can’t develop anything in this world unless you know something about it. Similarly, you need to know your audience foremost, in order to capitalize the drive you want to create for your content. Looking into the tastes and preferences by organizing certain live Q&A through Hangout session or hold certain group discussions to talk, acknowledging comments, handling trolls with tacts throws you in the spotlight. This engagement and involvement with audience goes a long way in fostering not only cordial relations with present subscribers but also helps build up a far-reaching goodwill.

6. Video Email Marketing:

If you are marketer then you should strictly focus on video email marketing because this method is time-saving, more impactful, easy reachability most importantly personal touch with clients , will boost huge opportunities of leads,conversions,and brand awareness .This can be done by the call through rate or call to action and an easy platform where one can promote its product, get engage with new users and above all greatest possibility of videos getting viral.


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