Ways To Get More LinkedIn Page Followers

Add a company widget to your website’s sidebar. The widget displays relevant info about your company, as well as a follow button to attract clicks through to your page.

Limit the self-promotion. As with any social media platform, keep the promotional content to a minimum. A good rule of thumb is 80/20: 80% relevant industry-related info, 20% promotional content. Test this out in your own niche – you may even find 20% is too high.

Post regularly. In order to consistently grow your page, you’ll need to make an effort to post relevant content on a regular basis.

Create an industry-related LinkedIn group. Share valuable information and facilitate interesting discussions, establishing your group as a hub for those in your industry. Periodically share relevant page content with group members to supplement current discussions.

Share your job postings on your page. Popular job postings often lead to an increase in page followers.

Make sure your company profile is complete. LinkedIn shows a preference for complete bios in on-site search, so make sure yours is 100% complete.

Track your company’s LinkedIn content marketing score. This score will tell you what percentage of your LinkedIn audience you’re actually reaching with your content. It can also show you how your reach compares to others in your industry, allowing you to strategize how you can improve your content.

On your personal profile, use your company page as your current place of employment. This will automatically display your company logo on your personal page, adding an eye-catching element of interest to encourage click-throughs.


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