Want to Increase Sound Cloud Followers? Here Are Some Great Tools

1. Make EPIC music regularly

If you never finish any of your loops and WiPs, or if you’re too scared of criticism, then you’re not going to get far.You have to force yourself to COMPLETE your tracks, and spend time to make them sound awesome – they should not be too repetitive, they should not be overly complicated and difficult to listen to, they should make people feel something, whether it’s excitement or despair whatever your intention is with the track.

2. Build your network of friends & connections

How will this help you? Once you have real friends with other Sound Cloud users, they’ll help you promote your music in lots of different ways (that I’ll get into in a minute).

The key to developing real relationships is to show genuine interest and offer real value to others, instead of always thinking about what’s in it for you.

We’ve all seen those people who follow 2000 people (the maximum allowed number) and like everything in their dashboard, without properly engaging with you.

DON’T be another one of those guys – it’s obvious that you’re spam-liking and spam-following and that’s not a good look for you and your brand…

Here’s how to do it:

  •  Find people whose music you like.
  •  Like, re-post, comment on their songs.
  •  Find them on Facebook and like their Facebook page, then   comment on their Facebook page
  •  After a couple of weeks of steps 1, 2 and 3, send them a message on Sound Cloud – ask them how they made this sound or that snare, and let them know that you’ve shared their music with your followers on Sound Cloud, Facebook etc. Basically, get a conversation going and show them that you’re willing to help them out.
  • If you do this with 10 people, you’ll be able to reap a lot of benefits including growing your audience.

3. Google Plus Communities

Now when it comes to other social media sites, there are two that I highly recommend:

Facebook (this links to Bass Gorilla’s Facebook page – join us there!) and Google Plus.

Yes, it’s true. Google Plus is here to stay, and it’s a great told for getting hundreds of people to hear your new musical creation, regardless of how many followers you have.

First, you’ll need to set up a decent Google Plus profile, and then the real fun starts: Google Plus Communities.

These are the secret weapon inside G+. They are basically large groups of people based around common interests.


Make your music is searchable and easily find able for people searching for music in Sound Cloud.

The more tags, the easier to find and the more plays you will get.

Here are some ideas for tags to give your new track: – genre tags (and related genres) – similar style record label names – similar artist names – adjectives that describe the mood of your song – other similar songs by other well known artists

5. Collaborate with your new connections

Here’s the beauty of doing a collaboration: You do half the work and get extra exposure to all of their fan base as well as your own.

You also help your friend by letting him or her get exposure to all of your fan base! Collaborating also helps you to discover new techniques and approaches to making music by seeing in depth how another person does it. This will help you grow your skills.

6. Get on the remix tip

Remix a popular song that is current and will be searched for by millions of people.

This can bring a ton of new listeners to your page, and if your remix is decent, you’ll convert a ton of those visitors into followers.

You can remix music of a similar genre to your own, or you can experiment and remix something completely different – see whether this gets better results or not.

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