Facebook Video Marketing Tips – 6 Powerful Tips You Need to Know

1. Pay attention to the Golden Window

When you are using Facebook video marketing, remember that you have only 5-10 seconds to hook your viewer. This is the golden window that you have to utilize in order to compel the audience to watch the complete video. The key to creating an engaging video is using information and entertainment in the right proportion.

In order to create successful videos, make sure that the narration is focused and comprehensible even without sound. It is also recommended that you include a signifier to your brand in the video.

2. Learn about your audience

In order to create engaging video content, it is essential to gain a better understanding of your audience. Understanding where your target audience is, what they are looking for and what they like. Once you factor in these aspects, you can create videos which deliver faster and higher results. Videos that provide solutions for their viewers have the potential to spread like wildfire.

3. Upload the videos directly on Facebook

Earlier, videos were created for the purpose of marketing and then the relevant mediums were utilized. Now, video content is created keeping in mind the target audience as well as the social channels. Create videos specifically for Facebook in order to stay within the guidelines stipulated by the channel. If the video is within the Facebook requirements, it can reach more users and is better visible to the algorithms used by Facebook.

Upload the video directly on Facebook to benefit from the auto play feature. This feature helps provide your video with the golden window even while the user is scrolling down the feed.

4. Select a captivating thumbnail

A thumbnail creates intrigue for a video just as a logo design works as an identifier for a brand. A good logo design is created using the best logo maker; similarly, careful attention is required to create a thumbnail. Facebook’s ad creation tool allows for adding a new image or choosing an image from the video to be used as a thumbnail.

A captivating thumbnail can attract the user even if the video doesn’t play automatically. You can add some text on the thumbnail to make it even more convincing but keep in mind the 20% text policy by Facebook.

5. Always be Responsive

The live comments and reactions are part of what makes the experience so engaging to customers. It feels more like a two-way conversation when you’re responding directly to their questions in person. That’s why Facebook Live drives comments at 10 times the rate of non-live videos.

One of the most powerful ways to increase engagement online is to address the comments that appear live on air. This invites more people to share their opinions and thoughts as you go along. If you’re concerned that you might have too many comments to respond to in one stream, you can always get some help from someone off-camera to direct the most important comments your way.

6. Time It Just Right

Timing can be everything when it comes to making an impression on your audience. Just as there are tips for when to send out email campaigns for the best responses, there’s also guidelines for times to host your videos. During a live-streaming event, the last thing you want is to schedule your video to appear when everyone in your target audience is at work or asleep.


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