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1. Review Your Post Statistics

LinkedIn tracks a number of statistics on every published post including total views, viewer geographies, viewer industries, and will give you a list of everyone who engaged with your post. Once you have published a number of posts, examine what made a particular post more successful. If you can identify trends in your successful posts, make sure you incorporate those trends in future posts.

2. Ask For Comments

LinkedIn will not release an official process for how it selects certain posts for inclusion in LinkedIn Pulse Channels, but post engagement by other users is a critical factor based on my previous experience. End your posts with a simple call to action for comments. This will increase the number of comments you receive, increase your chances for being picked up by a LinkedIn Pulse Channel, and increase the total views on your post.

3. Encourage Coworkers to Share Posts

Once you publish a post, ask your coworkers to share it with their networks. Since you work for the same company in the same industry, they should have connections that will find your content relevant. By asking them to share your post you will drive additional views, which can increase engagements, and then drive even more views.

4. Submit Your Posts to Groups

LinkedIn groups are great place to share our posts once they are published. Find a relevant group and start a new discussion that links to your published post. This offers an opportunity to share our content and expose our personal brand to potential prospects within a given group. Limit submitting your published posts to two groups, otherwise LinkedIn may label it as SPAM.

5. Use Appropriate Tags

LinkedIn allows for posts to be given 3 tags and users need to use all three on every post. LinkedIn uses tags to inform its channelization process about where posts should be sent and increases the chances of being picked up by a Pulse Channel. Additionally, users can click on a tag and see other relevant posts with that same tag. Untagged posts can still be picked up by Pulse Channels, but will not be consider for inclusion when a user looks for similar posts by click on a tag.

6. Write Good Updates

LinkedIn’s goal is to create “clean, valuable feeds” and provide “timely, professional content” that keeps users informed and helps them professionally.
This is a strong indication of what users like to interact with.
Create content that’s relevant to your industry and easy to digest. Learn about the different types of content that work well on LinkedIn and the best times of day to post.
Here are some tips for writing quality updates:

Introduce your content with a personal note
Include a clear call-to-action
Use beautiful images
Include a shortened URL
Include your logo on all images

LinkedIn users enjoy many different types of content including business reports, how-to-guides, list-style articles, and whitepapers. Get to know your audience by paying attention to the styles and topics that they interact with.

7. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a place where professionals within the same industry connect to pose questions, share knowledge, and post industry-related content.
Becoming active in groups widens your network and helps you build connections with people who may view and interact with your content.
To begin, search for groups by topic or industry using the LinkedIn search tool.
Look for groups that are active and have a healthy number of members. Choose the groups you’d like to join by requesting to be added to the group. A group administrator will approve or deny your admission based on whether they feel their group is relevant to what you do.
Once you’ve been accepted into a group, approach it as you would approach a group of offline professionals.
Don’t focus on yourself or try to push your products. Get to know people by reading their content and engaging in the comments system. Contribute to the group with non-promotional content that’s helpful to their professional lives.
Groups are a good opportunity to boost your credibility and grow your network on LinkedIn.

8. Engage With Your Connections

Like any social setting, listening to and supporting others is the key to connecting with them. Make a genuine effort to bring value to the connections you already have on LinkedIn.
Build professional relationships. Spend a few minutes each day reading and commenting on other people’s content. Share what you like to your feed.
Respond to people who comment on your posts.Your efforts toward supporting your current LinkedIn connections will help establish you as a valuable member of the community. This paves the way for them to share and engage with your content.


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