The Science of Instagram: How to Get More Followers

1: Do cross-promotion

If you maintain accounts on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat, you need to let your followers on those platforms know that you are also on Instagram. Share your Instagram page details through other social channels for people to find you easily.

To do it effectively, you can take a screenshot of the Instagram account and share it on the Facebook feeds of your friends and followers by linking it to the page. You can also tweet updates whenever you post something new on the Instagram page.

2: Use Emojis to boost discoverability

You can consider emojis as the universal language of communication on social networking platforms like Instagram. Research shows that more than 50% of all the captions and comments on Instagram posts include emojis.

The advantage of Instagram is that emojis are also searchable on this platform along with hashtag and username. People can find your posts based the unique emojis that you have used. If you are a writer, include the emoji of a pen, and those who are searching for writers can easily get you at one click using that emoji. Similarly, a photographer can use the emoji of a camera when posting updates.

3: Include appropriate hashtags

Using correct hashtags may expose your posts to a huge number of targeted followers. There is the possibility of adding up to 30 hashtags in a single post. However, experts believe that interactions are higher on Instagram posts that have around 11+ hashtags.

Now you can also use Hashtagify to identify hashtags that are more related to your business. All you have to do is enter the primary hashtag from a popular post and run a search to find out which all ideal hashtag you can add to your post for getting new traffic.

You can also search on Instagram to find which hashtags others are using for their posts. While doing this, do not simply copy and paste the string of hashtags.

4: Create a unique theme to build familiarity

When you are aiming at business branding through Instagram, try to develop a sense of familiarity by being consistent on the theme or vibe that you are trying to create through posts. For example, you can use a unique frame for all your images or crop all the images in the same way. Using a unique subject matter for all the posts or applying the same filter for all the photos can also be a good idea.

5: Use Like for Like and Share for Shares opportunities to grow

This is one of the best tactics you can use to connect with similar-minded users for mutual benefit. With mutual transaction of likes and shares, you get the opportunity to reach to more followers and also promote your products.

6: Identify user preferences to develop a content strategy

Posting just for the sake of it is not enough. It is also important to revisit your posts from time to time to identify which ones got more acceptance and comments. Doing this analysis will help you to understand what your followers are most interested in. With this understanding, you can develop an adequate content strategy that is streamlined to increase the possibility of being liked or shared by the followers.

7: Attracting new followers through giveaways

To attract new followers to your Instagram account, you need to give out something valuable to them. So, try to set up some frequent giveaways to get them interested. Ask new users to tag you in their Instagram posts and offer them a perk in exchange. The winner’s post will further expose your brand to more potential followers, and you can keep on building it.

8: Prepare an attractive Bio

Your bio is the only place where you can tell people about why they need to follow you. Create a simple bio, but make sure to include the essential business information and what users can expect from you.

9: Try quote graphics

Thoughtful quotes embedded into images or graphics shared through Instagram is an excellent tactic to grab attention. However, you need to use high-quality and meaningful pictures to do this. The quotes you select must be relevant to your target audience. Ensure that you give proper attribution to the original author while using someone’s quote.


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