Soundcloud Promotion – 6 Tips How to Get Noticed on SoundCloud

1. Tag Away

Be sure to make use of SoundCloud’s tags so people can find your tracks. Be as descriptive as possible when applying tags. Make them genre-specific and try to anticipate what people will search for on SoundCloud. What would you search for on SoundCloud?

Take note and try to emulate other successful producers on Soundcloud. What do they do well?

2. Don’t Spam

Always keep your comments on others’ tracks constructive and non-spammy. Resist the urge to plug your SoundCloud in timed comments on other people’s tracks. It may get you one or two additional plays but it’s sure to make you look bad. Remember when interacting on SoundCloud, the people who get the most out of the community are those who are genuinely interested in the music, not just trying to push their own agenda.

Also, on a related note, don’t send unsolicited huge promotional blasts. There’s no quicker way to get your message dismissed by a label or someone you admire than to have an email that sounds “canned.” If you are trying to contact people, a short, personal message goes a lot further to get your message across.

3. Keep Your Feed Lively

SoundCloud is finding more and more of a non-musician user-base who use the service to listen to and discover new music. Your feed can be a good representation of your musical taste as well as an outlet for your original tracks. If you re-post tracks instead of simply liking them, it’s a good way to keep your feed interesting and other producers may return the favor.

4. Use Comments to Your Advantage

Consider leaving a call to action in your track description. If you’re looking for comments or constructive criticism, simply ask for that in the description. This not only helps you to get better but also encourages others to interact with your track, which will make a bigger impression on them. Remember that any comments you receive, it’s always a good idea reply to them. They could help you build relationships and develop further collaborations.

5. Add social media links to a SoundCloud profile

“Click on Links to add websites and social media accounts associated with your tracks. This can be your band or podcast homepage or maybe a venue or festival you’re performing at. Don’t be shy. This is a chance for fans to find you and stay up-to-date on what you are doing. Bonus: If you add a link to a Songkick or Bandpage URL to your profile we will automatically display your upcoming shows on your SoundCloud profile.”

6. Use Groups

Groups are a good way to meet like-minded producers. They’re also good for discovering new tracks to play out or to use for inspiration. If you post a track to a group, consider making it a free download, it will make more of an impression.


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