How To Really Get More Twitter Followers : 7 Modern Methods That Actually Work

1. Give the people what they want

Have a solid understanding of who your ideal Twitter audience is and what they want to see.

But that’s not all

You can do this by looking at successful competitor Twitter accounts and taking notes on what content is bringing them the most retweets, replies, and favorites. Then, start sharing similar (but original) content on your Twitter feed.

If the content you share is relevant and high quality, you’ll see more engagement and reach on your tweets. This will put you in front of more eyes, and in turn give you more followers.

2. Create and share original content

On a similar note, make sure you’re sharing your own original content like blog posts, infographics, videos, and podcasts.

When you do this, you’re building a following around your content that can’t be found anywhere else. This will help you get Twitter followers as your audience will be itching to see what you post next.

Further, your audience will be more apt to retweet your original content, further expanding your reach.

3. Tweet frequently

You can’t take breaks if you want to get more Twitter followers.

Instead, you need to be Tweeting consistently high-quality content that’s expanding your reach, retaining your existing followers, and bringing new people through the door.

According to research, you should be tweeting 3-5 times per day for maximum reach and engagement.

Social Report has a ton of powerful Twitter scheduling tools that will make your life easier. For example, you can use it to schedule your tweets in-bulk, letting you get a week’s worth of Tweeting done in just a few minutes.

4. Make sure you’re using the right hashtags

Think of hashtags like SEO for Twitter. When you use them, you’ll get your content in front people that are searching for the content you’re posting.

And if they like what they see, you’ll more than likely score a new follower out of the deal.

Need help finding hashtags to use? Just use the same method as keyword research for finding keywords: look at what your competitors are hash-tagging, prove them in a Search Agent, and use them in your post.

Don’t overdo it though. Too many hashtags will make your post look spammy, so limit yourself to one or two hashtags per post.

5. Hashtags

It’s not that it’s hard to remember, it can be just so easy to forget. Hashtags are how people look for Tweets important to them or their causes, so don’t hesitate to add those ‘#’ all over!

6. Cross Reference

One of the most powerful ways to create our own community and a following on Twitter is to link everything up. Make sure people can find your Twitter on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or blog, and make sure it’s the same on every platform you utilize. Don’t forget to put your articles on Twitter, mention your Tweets on Facebook. Cross-posting can add so much more depth that a brief 240-character limit cannot. There are also many better places to post your pics, like Instagram and Twitter, where online post products like Fotor’s web-based editor can shine and help you streamline your process.

7. Boost Engagement with One Stop Process

Still not really have a handle on how to make our Tweets engaging and pop off the page? Well, head on down to Fotor where we can help you dream up your posts. Our templates cover a variety of different themes, like sports, music, charity, and many more. Don’t worry! They’re simple to use. A few clicks, and you’ll have your own Tweet that will be the talk of the town. There are great free and premium options great for anyone’s budget.


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