How To Get Your First 1000 Followers On Instagram

1. Leverage Hashtags

The power of hashtags on a platform like Instagram cannot be understated. The right, and more importantly, relevant, hashtags help you grow and reach the right people on the platform.

Typically, you want your hashtags to be relevant to your brand, your products, your post, and the message you’re trying to convey.

2. Post Meaningful Content

What better way to increase Instagram engagement than post meaningful content that entices users to engage?

It’s not just the actual image and your captivating captions that count but also the kind of content. You want to share content that shows users the true value of your product.

But what does that look like?

As a fitness business, you could share before-after photos of your clients who’ve benefited from your services.

3. Tread Carefully Around Follower Fatigue

While platforms like Twitter are all about constant micro-conversations and interactions, that’s not the case with Instagram. Increasing Instagram engagement has more to do with posting high-quality content than posting frequently.

Ideally, you should limit yourself to one or two captivating photos or videos a day.

Over post, and you stand the risk of damaging your engagement rates due to follower fatigue. Users are likely to get disinterested if they think you spam a lot, resulting in an eventual drop in engagement.

4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram users spend around 28 minutes on Instagram Stories on a daily basis. Such is the popularity of the feature that around 300 million people use it daily.

What better way to engage your audience than share behind-the-scenes images and blooper videos with them.

5. Find the Right Filters to Use

Instagram is all about captivating audiences with the maximum visual appeal.

One rather simple way to go about it is using Instagram filters. Each filter has its own appeal and can add a unique dimension to your images.

6. Try Instagram Feeds Themes

Instagram feed themes are another great way you can add some visual appeal to your posts.

While a lot of people use filters, not everyone is capable of pulling off feed themes. That extra appeal will help increase Instagram engagements for your brand.

You could opt for something as simple as a black and white theme, or something more complicated.

Lauren Aston, for instance, prefers a monotheme for her business that focuses on a recurring subject – her knittings.

7. Leverage Geotags

Apart from hashtags, you can also use geotags to make your posts and stories discoverable.

Local businesses can leverage these to the fullest by adding location tags to their posts. It can help you engage with posts from other users in the physical vicinity.

8. Experiment with Posting Times

One tactic you can use to increase Instagram engagement for your business page is to post at the right times.

You can maximize your engagements by posting content when the most of your followers are likely to be browsing their feeds.

You can use Instagram’s native analytical tool to get a picture on when your audience is most likely to online. By posting then, you’ll gain more engagements within minutes of posting which count more than engagements gained ages later.


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