How to Get Twitter Followers : 12 Tips and Tricks That Actually Work

Use Twitter search to find more followers

Twitter’s search function can help you find relevant users to follow. If you know your audience well, they should follow you back. Just search for a topic or keyword and click on the “People” tab on the search results page.

You can also follow people who follow similar brands and businesses, or your competitors. Again, chances are good that these people would be interested in following you back.

Help your Twitter followers get more followers

Mentioning and replying to your followers helps them reach a wider audience. This can come in the form of answering questions, joining discussions, or offering praise or an acknowledgement of some kind. This can help build goodwill toward your brand and the user might return the favor down the road—exposing your profile to their followers.

Respond to all comments and @mentions

Replying to people on Twitter who have reached out to you demonstrates to potential new followers that your account is active, responsive, and worth a follow. It’s also simply best practices to engage with people on social.

Set up keyword search streams

Of course a lot of people who talk about brands on social media forget to tag their official handles. To ensure you don’t miss any of those mentions, set up keyword search streams in your social media management dashboard.

Join in on relevant trends and hashtags

Take part in Twitter traditions like Follow Friday (#FF). It’s a great way to help some of your followers get more followers themselves, and you might find yourself included in their #FF posts.

Be a trusted source of information

For many industries, such as financial services, real estate, or higher education, being viewed as credible and trustworthy is key to success. Help your audience solve challenges and keep them informed (or entertained), and you’ll earn their trust. When you do that, you’ll see your follower count grow quickly and organically.

Join relevant conversations

Twitter is about conversations, not just broadcasting messages. If you want to establish yourself or your brand as a trusted expert or thought leader, take part in industry conversations by offering valuable insights or content that moves the discussion along. Use social listening to find people who are talking about things that matter to you and your audience.

Create Twitter lists

Twitter lists are another excellent way to uncover conversations that matter to your business—and then use those conversations to connect with relevant users who would benefit from following you. You can create your own list (and set it as public or private) or follow a public list that someone else has created. Mining other people’s list for potential new followers is also a good way to grow your own following.

Host Twitter chats

Joining or hosting Twitter chats is a great way to grow your social following. Using an established hashtag users meet at a set date and time to talk about an issue, industry, or trend. Done right, these conversations generate lively discussion and build deep connections between participants and brands. They can also increase your visibility on Twitter, which helps attract new followers.

Reshare your best content

It takes time and money to create great content, so it’s worth getting as much value out of it as possible. If you have success with a particular piece of content that is shared widely or generates a lot of discussion, tweet it out again so new people can find it. Just use different copy to go along with it.

Test different headlines, images, and tweet copy

Most marketers are familiar with A/B testing—the practice of testing small variations in marketing materials to find the most effective option. Social media A/B testing works the same way. On Twitter you can run tests by posting two tweets a few weeks apart with slight variations—a different headline, copy, or image. Doing this helps you understand the preferences of your followers, which then lets you optimize your tweets and attract even more followers.

Run a “follow to win” contest

“Follow to win” or “RT and follow to win” Twitter contests are popular with brands and people alike because of how easy they are to enter. Asking people to follow you for a chance to win a great prize virtually guarantees new followers. Just make sure you continue supplying them with quality content after the contest ends to keep them engaged and make sure they don’t unfollow you.


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