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1. Creative Always Wins

If you are trying to turn loyal followers & new viewers into long time Instagram Story subscribers. Then you need to start posting creative content. Although Instagram Stories was created to overtake their competitor SnapChat; which emphasizes candid shots and videos from everyday life. Posting on Instagram Stories can be much more professional.

When creating content for Instagram Stories, treat them like a normal feed post. Of course change the dimensions to 1080 pixels (width) by 1920 pixels(height), this also means an aspect ratio of 9:16. But make sure to have the well directed and edited.

However, the good thing about Instagram Stories is that the content only stays up for 24 hours. So for those that want to test new content strategies or styles, this is the perfect testing platform before making it official on your feed. In addition, this 24 hour life span for content means you can get extremely creative every single day, using a brand new blank canvas.

2. Post Content Consistently

How often are you posting to your Instagram Stories? If you’re like most IG users and only post once a day when it’s convenient. Then you’re drastically undercutting your IG Stories ability to reach it’s audience.

When it comes to posting on Instagram Stories, the more the merrier! We strongly suggest that you post quality content, do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Make sure that your IG Story posts are well thought out and well edited.

The way Instagram has their home page set up, Instagram Stories of people you follow are placed at the top. The most recent stories are the ones that appear closest to your profile logo. The key word here is “recent” because only 4 Stories are viewable on the home page at once. This means in order to constantly stay in front of your audience, you need to out post the people they follow.

However, not many of us have the time for this. We have busy lives & cannot spend 5 minutes of every hour posting content to our Instagram Stories. Fear Not! While posting constantly does give stories the maximum potential to reach it’s audience. Posting at peak times of user activity will also give your IG Stories a big increase in views. Peak times vary based on audience & location, however here is an example of my peak posting times are 9 a.m. 1 p.m. & 8 p.m.

3. Asking a Question or Taking a Poll

Ever wonder what your audience thinks of your content? Well ask them! One of my absolute favorite features that Instagram put on their stories was the ability to ask questions & take polls.Now, when ever you want to know anything about your audience you can simply ask them.

Got a new content strategy in mind?

Wonder what your audience will think of your latest product?

Want to see who is going to attend this weeks bingo?

With some simple finger work, you can ask these types of questions and so much more. Allowing your audience to give their honest opinion or answer. This is a digital marketers dream come true. Instead of guessing which products your audience will like the most, you can now get their direct opinion. This type of data is extremely valuable and many companies charge hefty fines to collect such data. The story & poll feature not only increase user engagement & retention for your IG Stories, it also gives you a platform to collect valuable data about your audience to build the most efficient & profitable marketing machine.

4. Location Tags

Looking to gain more followers from your surrounding area? Trying to generate more foot traffic into your local business? Whether your an Instagram Influencer or a brick & mortar business utilizing location tags in your Instagram Stories can be a fantastic way to increase views, reach, & foot traffic.

Instagram is constantly scouring the platform looking for user generated content. They are notorious for reposting content created by their users. Content is then organized by location, which acts as a frame work for understanding the area. Instagram users will be able to see businesses, people & activities for the area when searching for a specific location. This can be extremely powerful for cities that have a high rate of tourism! Having a prominent foot hold on your local Instagram location can generate massive amounts of brand awareness & foot traffic.

5. Mention Other Accounts

Whether your trying to network or praise some loyal followers, @mentions are a strong way to gain views for your Instagram Stories.

When it comes to networking with other brands or influencers. Mention or shoutout those brand or influencer accounts to show your appreciation as a fan or even as a collaborative partner. Brands are famous for reposting user generated content, this could give your account a good chance at being featured. Allowing you to gain more active & engaged followers for your Instagram Account.

Showing gratitude & appreciation towards your followers is by far one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with them. Shouting out loyal followers allows them to feel like valued members of the community. Keep up with who is active & engaged on your account. Whether it be through your Instagram Storie views or engagement on feed post. Take notice to those accounts that are constantly consuming your content. Showing appreciation can turn a loyal follower into a loyal customer.

6. Hashtags

For those that follow proper engagement boosting techniques, you already know that Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. Hashtags are extremely powerful because they open up your content to reach an exponentially bigger audience pool.

Thanks to the most recent updates to the Instagram Explore Page Algorithm, hashtags can now be followed. Meaning that enormous communities have been created around hashtags like: #luxury #fitnessmotivation #harleydavidson. These communities are filled with niche specific, active & engaged users. In some instances, the communities built around certain hashtags contain incredibly specific audiences, for example: #kawssmalllie #offwhitejordan1. Finding these small communities can bring some of the highest ROI for engagement, followers, leads, sales, & so much more!

In addition, Instagram started to organize Influencer content based off niches like fitness, DIY, food, music, etc. On these explore feeds they promote the top trending hashtags for the niche. These hashtags are placed at the top of the explore page, allowing them to gain a significant amount of exposure. Meaning the content that makes up the hashtag is getting an incredible amount of traffic & followers.

With all this attention Instagram is placing on hashtags it is essential for you to start using hashtags in your Instagram Stories. If your looking for a way to reach highly targeted communities of active & engaged audiences. Then create a powerful post in your IG story with the appropriate hashtag attached to give your Instagram account the exposure & growth it deserves!


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