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1. Catch Their Eye!

Our eyes are naturally drawn to photos, graphics and videos. Putting in non-text posts will help your post stand out on your fans’ Newsfeeds and increase the likelihood that they will engage. According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement, respectively.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet.

For the most part, you want to keep your posts short and sweet. People rarely have the attention span to read long, text-heavy posts. That being said, very long posts from time to time can spark conversations and debates that lead to higher engagement and sharing.
On a daily basis, stick to short comments, but don’t be afraid to post a long comment every now and then. These longer comments can help get a more meaningful conversation started. Choose your topic wisely and try to encourage friendly debate and discussion.

3. Timing is Everything.

Afternoons and evenings are the best time to post. In the mornings, when young people are at school and the rest of us are just settling into our work day, we’re less likely to be scanning our Facebook feeds. As the day progresses and the post-lunch fatigue sinks it, people are more likely to start engaging with Facebook. After 5 pm, things really pick up – this is Prime Time on Facebook too!
And don’t forget to post on weekends! Lots of users out there are glued to their screens on the weekends and have plenty of time on their days off to read your posts, respond with comments, share and like. (For this reason, the weekend is an ideal time to post something a little longer…)

4. Use Long Hand! (Include the whole Link)

Remember that third grade teacher reminding you to write everything out? No shortcuts or abbreviations?
The same goes for Facebook. Users are much more likely to click on a link and engage with your post if you write the whole link out, rather than using a URL shorter like
Before clicking on a link, most readers like to know what they are clicking on, so don’t try and save space with abbreviated URLs.

5. Emote! (Don’t hide your feelings.)

Just like in “real life,” virtual communication works best when you share your feelings. Posts with emoticons get more likes and comments! So smile, frown and wink at will – catch your reader’s eye by telling them how you really feel.

6. Ask and You Shall Receive!

Asking questions is a great way to engage your Facebook friends. But don’t be afraid to ask them outright to share, like and comment on your post. If you tell them how you would like them to engage, users are more likely to respond and many will feel happy to help.

7. Everyone Loves A Story!

Share the story of your brand with your audience. Tell the story of what’s happening in your company, success stories of your clients, etc. People love stories and they love to know what is happening behind the scenes. These kinds of posts are great for encouraging interaction, so tell the story!

8. Should You Ask Your Followers Questions?

Of course! In addition to asking them to interact with your posts, you should also ask them to share their thoughts and opinions right on Facebook. Question posts generate lots of comments, although they do not tend to drive shares or likes.
Be sure to use questions that start with words like “Should…?”, “How many…?”, or ”What do you think?”. People love to talk so give them a chance to share!
Readers prefer briefly answers or responding to yes or no questions rather than open-ended questions that are vague or require more time and thought. Keep it simple!
These 8 simple techniques will help you get started and in no time you will find your fan base not only growing, but become much more engaged. As fans come to know and love your page as a great spot for interesting content, they will be more likely to come back and engage in the future.

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