How to Get LinkedIn Post/Pulse Likes

1. Consistently build your LinkedIn network

with your in-person relationships. Be sure to connect with your co-workers, clients, networking partners and friends as well as the prospects you speak with everyday. Each time you post on LinkedIn, your connections and followers will receive a notification  in LinkedIn with the title of your new post. The bigger your qualified network is, the more views and readership you will have.

2. Share it with other platforms

such as twitter, Google+ and Facebook with #hastags that are read by your target audience. In your message, you can mention specific people you would like to share your content with, but be sure not to SPAM them – and only send content that is purely educational not selling them anything. BONUS: When you tweet your post mention @LinkedInPulse – you get their attention and if they like your content you might be picked up and shared around the world.

3. Leverage your email list

to get your message in front of the people who already know, like and trust you. Use Constant Contact, OntraPort, Infusionsoft or Mail-chimp so you can see exactly who is clicking through and visiting your posts (they are leads to follow up on). Every time you post your blog, email a teaser paragraph with a link back to your your LinkedIn post.

4. Create a list of 10 or so professionals

that work with a similar target audience as you and commit to sharing each other’s content every time you post. No one likes to be the first one to “like” or “comment”, so if you get it started, their networks will see they liked your post and your views will grow exponentially. HOW TO: From that same “in” share button mentioned in #2, click “send to individuals” at the bottom, begin typing their name and choosing from the drop down (you must be 1st degree connections). You can send up to 50 people at one time. Be sure to type in a personalized note: I just posted a blog on TITLE, please “like”, “comment” and “share” and I will do the same the next time you post on LinkedIn. Thank you in advance for your support. – Brynne and send. (CAUTION: Because you can no longer blind copy, realize that everyone you send to will see each others name and can respond to all)

5. Share your blog post in LinkedIn Groups

that are aligned with your message. From the blog post, you are provided with share buttons that make this very simple. HOW TO: Click on the “in” button, click “post to groups” fill in title and details. then in the “Groups” box begin typing the name of your groups beginning with “A” and select the groups from the dropdown that you wish to post. Then type in “B” and repeat the steps. Continue the the alphabet until you have chosen all of your groups and click share.

6. Share Your LinkedIn Articles with Specific People

It is important that you don’t spam your personal contacts with an individual message every time you publish a LinkedIn article.
Think through who in your contacts would genuinely benefit from the knowledge and information you shared in your post. Then send them a personalized message with a link. Something like:
“Good morning/afternoon, [First Name]! I just wrote an article about how to get more views on LinkedIn Publishing posts, and I know this is something you had mentioned you are exploring. I hope you find it useful, and would love to know your thoughts if you have a minute. Thanks!”

7. Share with Other Social Media and/or Email

This one is a tricky one, as it depends on your bigger picture social media strategy and goals. If you are repurposing your own blog content as LinkedIn articles, then you may prefer to send them to the original source on your website, rather than your LinkedIn profile.

If, however, you have not shared the same content in another way with your email list or other social media accounts, then share on! Follow all the same guidelines to personalize and customize. And if possible, add it to your Agorapulse or other 


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