Hacks To Get More YouTube Likes

1. create valuable content

This is probably the most important thing out of anything you learn about YouTube marketing.

You could do everything else right, but in the end, if your content sucks, your videos will not do well. So make sure you are putting in the effort to put the most value possible in each video you create.

2. do keyword research / title your video

You need to be researching what people are actually searching for on YouTube. You can do this by searching in the search bar right on YouTube, or you can get ideas from Google Keyword Planner.

This is the best way to get found on YouTube. If you don’t have a subscriber base, the main way people will find you is through search. With that being said, you need to create valuable videos that cater to what people are actually searching for on the platform.

3. title and tag jack other videos

Use the same title and tags as other videos that have a ton of views to get some of their juice.

Search for the keyword that you want to create your video about. You see that first video? Copy the title (maybe not the whole thing, but some of it) and a couple of tags and use them in your video.

This will tell YouTube that your video is relevant to that top rated video and can help your video show up in suggested videos on the side.

You can use VidIQ or Tubebuddy to help you with finding tags.

4. share on social media

This is one of the most basic, yet useful ways to get more views on your videos.

One thing I think a lot of people forget about, is that google owns youtube AND they own google plus. Even though google plus seems to be a ghost town, it’s stilled owned by google and they want users to stay on their platform.

So, I recommend not only sharing on Facebook and twitter, but also Google plus.

5. link to another high ranking video in your description

This is another way to let YouTube know that your video is relevant to another video.

Search for your keyword in YouTube, then click on the video that is ranking number one. Then, copy the url of that video and paste it somewhere into your video’s description. YouTube can then notice that your video is relevant to the high ranking video, then can suggest your video on the side.


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