Get More Likes on YouTube for free: Steps with picture

YouTube is considered as one of the most imperative and advanced marketing strategies to make yourself popular through posted videos.There are some strategies that need to be followed if you want more and YouTube Followers. It is handy mainly for artists and music brands to enhance the popularity of their video content, which thereby, make them eminent among rest of the world population.

YouTube is majorly subjugated by music, as out of the number of videos viewed on per day basis, major portion gets occupied by music videos. But, it is also true that getting audience for your videos is bit arduous on YouTube, as it is indubitably one of the hardest social networks. Taking this thing into consideration, many people are now using different tricks to increase the visibility of their video(s) on the platform.

If you are also one among those, who are experiencing some trouble in getting expected number of views for their video(s), following are some useful tips for you to increase the number.

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

• You need to make your video(s) amazing

• Give it a perfect title with appropriate tags and description

• Make it more creative

• Share your videos wisely

• Use annotations

• Increasing the views by buying real viewers

• For your convenience and better understanding, these tips are explained in detail.

Step 1: Captivating Title

Video TITLE matters a lot

After making a video and before uploading it on the site, you need to name it appropriately. This means, the name or title should precisely tell what is inside. Also, it should be short, engaging, and to the point. For example, if your video is on how to prepare yummy Red Sauce Pasta at home in an easier manner? Its title should specifically be ‘Delectable Red Sauce Pasta’. This helps viewers in searching the video(s) easily. A catchy and short title helps in easy search of the video and also facilitates viewers to opt for your video over another.

Usage of the thumbnail also helps in making your video(s) more fascinating and influencing viewers to view and like it. One should always prefer to choose a thumbnail that is visually engaging, and effectively signifies what viewers are going to view after accessing the video.

Step 2 : Appropriate Description and Tags of the Video

Another notable thing is that one should describe his/her video(s) thoroughly to increase the number of views. The description of the video should be accurate, precise and captivating. In simple terms, we can say that the description of the video should be what people exactly want. After description, another important thing that makes your video(s) easily accessible for other people is the usage of Tags.


Description must have keywords

Tags exactly notify whether your video is relevant in terms of what viewers looking for as well as help in deciding which video should come-up on top in Google’s Video Search results. So, at the time of preparing a list of tags for your video(s), ensure that you are using all possible keywords from the title and description in the “tags” section to elevate viewer’s interest. The more relevant tags you use for your video, more frequently it will flash on the search results.

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For example – if you are uploading a funny video of cute babies of dogs, you can use words like Cute, Dog and Funny, for tags.

In addition, if your video is in reference to the themes from the news, popular culture or other artists, you also need to ensure that they are also in your tag list.




Step 3: Astute Sharing of your Video


Do not forget to share your videos

As soon as you upload your video on YouTube, you should start sharing it with as many people as you can. The more quickly you share it with maximum number of people, more is the possibility that your video will become a YouTube hit. Delay in sharing of video(s) will lead to reduced number of views, and increase in possibility that people of YouTube community will forgot it soon. You can also share your videos using social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc.

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You can also email your video to your friends, friends of friend, fellow workers and family members to make it popular and to increase the number of views. The subject of the email should be fascinating and the content should be convincing. This increases the chances that people will watch your video, even without knowing you personally. In addition, you can promote your video posted on YouTube by using a blog or a website of your own or of your friends.

Step 4: Proper Editing of the Video

Editing makes Your Video Look Good

To hold attention of the viewers, it is required that the uploaded video should be edited properly. There should not be long pauses and distractions in the video. As an advantage over it, you can also add text information like email address, website and more, to the video. But, if you are not ready to upload the video on YouTube, do not make it live. Reason being, YouTube gives priority to fresh content; so if you make any major change in the uploaded video, it will lose its initial momentum. Therefore, it is advisable that before you make your video live on the site, check its content and other related aspects thoroughly. Use ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS ore any other good video editing software.

Step 5: Using Annotations

Yet another staggering way to increase the YouTube views is the use of Annotations. These annotations are the valuable marketing tool, offered by YouTube. By using annotation, you can either link one video to another or can link a video to your playlists or channels. It helps viewers by asking them to link to a different yet similar video, if they like the one they are watching.

If you are not using proper and effective annotations, you are missing out on some superb prospects to increase number of views for your uploaded video(s). You can even use annotation as plain text, which can relate to further details or links within your video description.

Step 6: Getting more subscribers

Adding to the list of useful ways, here is one more for you. Getting subscribers for your video(s) is an outstanding and guaranteed way to get more viewers. If someone subscribes you, he/she will view all your newly uploaded videos on his/her homepage. In order to increase the number of subscribers, you can directly ask people to subscribe you at the end of the uploaded video along with the annotation.

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To increase the number of YouTube views, you can ask the viewers to like or share your video(s).

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So in short, by using the above illustrated tips, you can propel your video(s) on YouTube stratosphere.

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