Facebook Success Tips: Generate 1000 Followers Every Week

1. Promote Your Facebook Page in your Business

If you have a storefront, make sure you have some signs that promote your Facebook page. Let your customers know why they should like you, such as to get special offers, to see new products, to learn about events, etc. You can also print cards with your Facebook address for customers to take home. This will help to generate excitement and awareness of your Facebook page, which can equate to more likes and followers.

2. Add a Facebook Button to your Website

Adding a Facebook button on your website is key to the promotion of your business and to getting more Facebook followers. Most DIY website builders include the option to link your Facebook page, and Facebook also offers a number of easy-to-use plugins.

3. Promote your Page on Facebook

Promoting your business page on Facebook is another step you can take to getting more likes and follows. Facebook makes it easy to promote your page to potential customers in your area, for as little or as much spending as you like. Here is how it’s done:

  • Go to your Facebook page. Click on the button Promote Page on the left-hand side of your page.
  • Facebook creates the ad with images and text from your page, but you can make changes.
  • Choose location, interest, age, and gender to match your target audience. You can even target your local zip codes.
  • Choose your budget and timeframe. Start with a low budget of $20 and set it up to run for a few days. This will give you an indication of success and allows you to increase the budget or stop the promotion at any time.

4. Tell Great Stories

Few things engage an audience as well as a good story, especially if it’s something humorous or inspiring. Your customers are the best source for stories – chances are that if you’re providing them with a valuable service, you’ve made their lives better in some way. Intel does a great job with spotlighting how their product benefits their customers.

5. Don’t Focus on Yourself

Content that is obviously a sales pitch isn’t likely to engage your audience. Be honest, do you like when people try to sell you things? We don’t either. Your followers didn’t “Like” your page because they wanted to see a bunch of ads; they want to see material that adds interest and value to their lives. Telling good stories will help with this.

6. Use Video

There are over 3 billion video views on Facebook every day. If you’re wondering how to engage your Facebook followers, video is your answer. A 15-second video of a customer of yours who recently accomplished something great should perform very well. Live Video, Facebook’s newest hot thing, is highly engaging and we recommend giving it a shot.

7. Know Your Audience

If your followers are primarily 40-year old mothers, don’t create content that looks like it’s promoting a death metal album. If you’re not sure what kind of folks are engaging with you on Facebook, take a look at Facebook’s Insights information about your Page. Insights can also clue you in on when and how often to post on Facebook.


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