From 0 to 5,000 Twitter Followers – A Step By Step Guide

1. Optimize your profile

Your profile, comprised of your name, your picture, your cover, 160 descriptive characters and a link, is ALL that you have to introduce yourself to your audience. So, make sure and use them well! When potential followers see this info they should know who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you . That’s why you’ve got to think hard about what you’re going to include!

Also, if you’re using your account to promote your brand, we suggest you put your logo as the profile picture. That way you’ll provide a more professional image to your audience. If you’re using your account for personal purposes, we suggest using your own picture to “humanize” your identity. Remember that people look at your bio to decide whether or not they’ll start following you. So, be clear and concise (and watch your spelling!).

2. Define your audience

A key step in knowing what type of messages to generate and later promote, is to clearly define your audience. In other words, you have to know who you’re directing your messages to. You should definitely address this point before you start tweeting. It will help you come up with ideas for relevant content for your followers and determine the tone you’ll set in your tweets.

3. Tweet relevant content (for your audience)

Once you’re clear who your Twitter audience is, you should be sure to share relevant tweets, ie, messages that have to do with your identity, and with the profile and interests of your followers. The idea is that your posts comply with the proposal made in your profile information. For example, if your account is a clothing brand, it will be more relevant to tweet about fashion, rather than on, let’s say, architectural news.

Tweeting relevant content will help your fans better understand who you are and be able to identify with you. For ideas on what to share, you should look up references in your field, follow them, and order them in lists for easy access. That way you’ll be up to date with their content and can easily share it with your followers.

(BONUS TIP) How to create lists on Twitter: It’s actually super simple! From your account, just go to “Profile and Settings“, which pops up after clicking on the thumbnail of your profile picture (on the top right of the site). Then, click on the option Lists. You’ll see the button “Create New List“. Once you click there, you can enter the name and description of your list. Finally, just add the users who will make up the list, by using the box “Find people to add to your list“. Voilà!

4. Be Active

If anything characterizes Twitter, it’s the fact that it’s so dynamic. Its active users are constantly tweeting. They’re also connecting from their mobile devices at very specific times of the day, depending on the public. For that reason, it’s important to stay active and take advantage of those certain times when your users are connected to the network. An outdated profile reduces the interest of viewers and lowers the odds of gaining followers. What matters on Twitter is being fresh and new. That’s means your profile must always be up to date.

5. Set a successful tweet at the top of your profile

When a person sees a profile on Twitter, the first thing they see are the last two tweets that were published on it. Fortunately, Twitter provides a feature that allows users to set a representative or successful tweet at the top of their profile. This prevents people from seeing recent tweets that didn’t represent the spirit of the brand or the owner of the account. That’s why, we recommend setting a successful tweet on top of your profile. It will definitely benefit your image and help the audience know what your Twitter proposal is all about.

6. Use hashtags properly

As you know, hashtags are the labels of Twitter to index content and help users find the conversations they’re looking for. It’s important that you use them in your tweets, but you have to do it carefully, taking into consideration each of your objectives:

  • If you want to increase the reach and exposure of your brand, you can take advantage of Trending Topics, which are the most used hashtags at a determined time and place. You can consult them on the left side of the Twitter site, as shown in the image below. You also have the possibility of establishing a country or city to see what topic is most talked about there.
  • If, however, your goal is to drive traffic to your website, we recommend you to think carefully before including clickable elements that distract the user, such as hashtags and mentions.

7. Invite people to your Twitter account from other sites

To get more followers on Twitter, we suggest including access buttons on your blogs and websites, as shown in the image below. The idea is that you promote your profile on all your platforms and give your audience the opportunity to follow you on Twitter by simply clicking a button.

8. Include the “Share on Twitter” in your blog posts

A very practical way of promoting your account and your site is to include the Share on Twitter (“Tweet Button“) on your blog or website. That way, users who want to share your content with their own Twitter followers, can do so by just pressing a button. As you can see, this is a simple and effective way to promote your Twitter site and profile.

You must be sure to include the name of your account in the field Recommend that you’ll find in the link below. Doing so is critical, as it will allow your users to be promoted in the tweet that is generated when users press the button under the format “name-of-your-article via @yourtwitteraccount“.

9. Ask your followers questions

Keep in mind that Twitter’s slogan is “Join The Conversation”. So, that’s exactly what you should do! We suggest asking your audience questions and proposing topics, with the aim of stimulating the engagement of your followers. Once you’ve managed to establish a relationship with them, make sure to take advantage of that interaction to receive valuable feedback about your brand or product, and also invite them to perform specific actions.

10. Retweet relevant content for your audience

Retweeting is a quick and simple way to share interesting information with your followers. Through a retweet you can make your profile active in news and the latest trends. For the most relevant news and check its relevance, we recommend following influencers and experts in your field so that you can always count on quality content.

11. Interact with influential tweeters

A good way to draw the attention of users and increase the visibility of your profile is to interact with influential tweeters. Where relevant, you can include references to people and organizations who are related to the content you’re sharing, whether it’s a story, article, or a comment related to your activity. You can also follow and retweet their content when it’s relevant to your audience.


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