Best Ways To Increase Spotify Plays

1. Find your way into the Spotify generated playlists

Spotify has a segment called ‘Discover’ which features new music. You can even find it labeled under several genres including pop, RnB, Country music, Daily top hits, among others. If you are featured in any of these playlists, it’s almost like you have hit the jackpot because you will automatically have more listeners and followers of your music.

2. Spotify streams

Look around for legitimate sites that you can buy Spotify streams or you can buy your way into a Spotify playlist. Some of the popular sites to find great playlists include Playlists and Soundplate among others.

3. Blog about it

If you are a blog writer or you know one, it would be good if you did a social media post to talk about your song, the inspiration behind it, and any future plans you have. Then you can share this on your social media platforms for your followers. You can also request your followers to share with their followers.

4. Create an all-round playlist

This is a compilation of all your music starting with the most recent. After you have this in place, ensure you regularly share it with your followers and friends. You should update this list as often as you can.

5. Share your progress

Should be lucky enough to be featured in one of the most popular playlists by either curators or Spotify editors, share the progress with your followers! You can follow this up by doing a sponsored social media post with the aim of reaching more people. The results, in the end, might shock you.

6. Spotify curators

Identify the curators who put together the most popular playlists. If possible, engage them in other social media platforms. For instance, tweet them, like or share their posts, send a thank you message, among ways. Once you have formed a relationship, it will be easier for your music to be featured in their playlists.

7. Fanpush

Ask your fans, friends & family to add your song to their private playlists right at the beginning. Do a competition and motivate them to playlist your song. Even the smallest playlist counts.

8. Share every playlist

Share every playlist your song got added to and tag the curator to show you appreciate and promote.

It‘s a very important step to build up a strong relationship with the playlist curator. If you connect on a good level it’s a win-win situation since his main goal is to have a successful playlist that gets promoted and yours is to be part of that list.



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