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If you’re seeking more visibility for your YouTube videos, then you’re going to have to build an audience first. Known as subscribers, these are the people who are going to follow your videos, comment on them and refer them to friends. If you’re able to build up a strong subscriber base, your views are going to go up over time. The more views you have, the more likely they will comment and like your content.

If you’re wondering how the largest videos on the Internet receive thousands upon thousands of comments, here are ten effective strategies you can start today —

1. Be Consistent

If you take a look at any popular profile on YouTube, you’ll notice one thing in common — they never stop updating. If you want to take your videos seriously, then it’s essential that you update your content consistently. Most of the popular channels have strict schedules, like the shows you watch on television.

If you can’t stick to this schedule, the viewers may never know when you’re going to upload your next video. Remember though: your videos should offer value, be remarkable and very unique. If it isn’t interesting, people won’t comment, even if you’re consistent.

2. Call to Action

During any of the videos you upload, always make sure that you have a call to action. For example, during your video, you could ask the viewers to subscribe to keep up to date with your videos using the “annotation” feature. In the top left corner of the screen, place a small box asking viewers to subscribe, and make sure that it runs for the entire video.

This is a great way to remind the viewer that they should be following you if they like your content. On top of that, it doesn’t hurt to add another annotation box that links to your channel page. While you don’t want to go overboard with this feature, you should take advantage of it to remind your audience to take action.

Remember that when you get a subscriber, they are more likely to comment and like your videos since it will show up on their dashboard when they log in.

3. Add the Widget

On your website or blog, make sure that you take advantage of the YouTube widget. If your website is getting enough traffic, it’s a great way to let your visitors know that you have a YouTube channel. If they are a fan of your website, then there’s a good chance they will be a fan of your videos as well.

To get this widget, you can either download a plugin for your blog or copy a simple piece of code to place on your website.

4. Network

No matter what you’re promoting, there’s a good chance there’s someone else who has more subscribers than you. Many people don’t know this, but on your channel page, there is an option that allows you to add YouTubers that you like or recommend. When you add other creators to your recommendation page, it will show up on your channel for other viewers to see.

If you can find people with a lot of subscribers, reach out to them and ask if they would be interested in adding you to their “Featured Channels” page. As long as you add value and they like what they see, this is a great way to draw more views to your page if they decide to add you to their list.

5. Interact

Studies have shown that people who interact with their viewers see a lot more results than those who just treat it like a web host. Every day, take a few minutes to interact with those who have left a comment. Aside from commenting on your channel, reach out to other channels and interact on their page. If people find your comments intriguing enough, they may be tempted to click on your profile to see what you have to offer.

6. Creative Headlines

If you want to succeed on YouTube, meta data is extremely important. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “meta data,” this is the process where you’ll create a title, description and tags for the video you upload.

When completing this process, it’s very important that you strategically optimize your tags, write a compelling headline and be as detailed as possible. When viewers browse through video headlines, they will often click on one that seems intriguing to them. So instead of the headline “How to Get More YouTube Views,” you could be creative and use “10 Drastic Ways to Increase Your YouTube Views by 133 Percent.” Don’t be afraid to split test over time. If you’re noticing that one video isn’t getting a lot of views, you may want to consider switching the headline and description.

7. Keywords

Just like a compelling headline, keywords are extremely important as well. When someone searches for a topic, they are going to search for what they are looking for. In fact, studies have shown that more than 60 percent of your new subscribers may come from a YouTube search. If your description and keywords are too thin, your chances of showing in the results will be slim.

The lesson here: Always try your best to be as descriptive as possible when creating a description and keyword tags. If you’re having a hard time coming up with keyword ideas, consider using helpful tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner. When it comes to tags, you can never have enough.

8. Promotion

As soon as you upload your video, don’t forget to market it outside of YouTube. To give you some ideas, here’s how you can market it —

  • Submit to social bookmarking websites
  • Post the link on your social media websites
  • Send it to your mailing list
  • Add to video search engines
  • Comment on blogs with your YouTube URL

If the video is good enough, word should spread, leading to more views

9. Create a Great Thumbnail

Just like the headline, it’s important that your thumbnail is attractive as well. For instance, if you wanted to upload a cat video, it would be better to show the cat in action and not a stock image of a cat. If your thumbnail looks interesting, people are more likely to click on your video. If you’re unsure of which route to take, consider looking at other popular videos in your niche to see what kind of thumbnail they are using.With YouTube, it isn’t hard to build a fan base if you’re consistent and build quality. If you want to increase the comments and likes on your network, remember that your chances of this will increase for every view you receive. As long as you incorporate the strategies mentioned above, your network should continue to grow.


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