[Infographic] 8 Time-Proven Ways To Increase Twitter Views

Twitter has grown to one of the most popular social media where people with similar interests meet, share useful posts and websites, interact with experts or just follow the latest trends. According to the latest stats from Alexa, Twitter receives more than 317 million users per month and is ranked 7.

But just by joining Twitter and sending Tweets every now and then you are not going to reach anywhere, at least in the near future, unless you are some Celebrity or have a magic wand 😆 .

You don’t have to be a social media expert to get better on Twitter; you just need to apply some common sense about what you are doing.

Enough praising Twitter, let’s get to the main topic.

1. Learn the power of #hashtags

Hashtags are used by most social media platforms to group together a bunch of people or what they share. Twitter also uses it in a similar way to group your Tweets.

Although you can most certainly make your own tags with whatsoever, it is highly recommended to use popular ones with lots of followers. And you are able to easily target the special community of people who share your similar interests.

Some hashtags like #SEO #inspiration #positivequotes #socialmedia #marketing are insanely popular and have a huge following. Learn to use #hashtags to your advantage, more people will see your tweets and are going to connect with you.

2. What to Tweet

Keep a decent mix of personal and professional updates. Talk about your brand, what are you doing, share interesting pictures and share links to top articles and from top blogs in your niche. The idea is to increase interaction with your tweets, and people should not only retweet but quote it. Your tweet should be influential and credible enough so that people retweet it.

You can follow any strategy which you are comfortable with. It includes sharing interesting quotes, pictures, talking about a trending topic, etc. The idea is not to let your Twitter profile die or keep it inactive. Remember, social media is all about interaction and communication.

3. Ask Questions To Boost Your Twitter engagement

Don’t be afraid to ask questions on Twitter. Even if it is just to ask your followers how their day is going. You may be surprised at who answers you and how you can get to know them better along the way. People love answering questions too. It can be a way for them to help or give advice. It could also be a way for them to simply participate. Participation is the key on Twitter now. Unless you are a news organization that can blare out breaking news, you will need to participate with others.

4. Embed Their Tweets On A Blog Post

I love showcasing others and my own tweets in blog posts to show great examples. Of course, it must be relevant to the post at hand. This method increases the engagement from others and receives more retweets right from the blog post. Furthermore, it can also give fresh air to an old tweet. It gets even better if you have mentioned others in the tweet. They can also see the tweet that mentions them right on your blog post – it doesn’t get much better than that!

5. Use Twitter Bio Hack

Use hashtags related to your industry within your twitter bio. For instance, if you are a fitness freak, use hashtags like #fitness, #yoga, #fitnessfreak etc in your twitter bio. And also make sure to use the words like “Follow me and I’ll follow you back”. If you are a beginner to twitter, just by using this twitter bio hack, you can quickly increase your twitter followers.

Takeaway: There are thousands of people who actively search for those “follow me and follow you back” users. So by using those phrases in your twitter bio, you will attract a ton of people. By using the relevant hashtags in your bio, you can attract “relevant twitter followers”. Most people on twitter read others bio. If your twitter bio is generic, no one is going to click on the links you share.Make sure your twitter bio is really catch and link back to your website home page and let others know how you can help. For instance, if you’re a marketer, you could write interesting twitter bio something like;

Who else wants to turn traffic into sales? My name is XYZ and I’m here to help you do the same. Interested in knowing more? [Insert your website URL or URL to a specific post].

See, how the above twitter bio sounds?

It’s not only catchy, but it’s telling others that you’re expert in solving a problem in your niche. Try to replicate the same on your twitter bio to get more clicks to your websites from twitter.

6. Use Images While Tweeting

We have all heard the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words”.

It’s true even when it comes to quickly increasing your twitter followers. Did you know that tweets that include images within them get more retweets, likes, comments and engagement from other users?

Yes, tweets that include images usually get a ton of engagement. According to a study, tweets that include images within them get more than 150% engagement than those tweets without images. People like tweets with images. So make sure to use images while tweeting.

7. Ask for Retweets

Asking for retweets is the fastest way to increase twitter followers. You may ask how. If someone’s retweeting your tweets means, your tweets will get extra exposure to new audience and if they find your tweets really useful or entertaining, they will most probably follow you back.

8. Monitor Regularly

You need to regularly monitor what is happening on Twitter, you don’t have to be online 24×7 to do that. Check your Twitter Analytics and get a proper understanding how you performed, who RT/liked most of your tweets, Top mention, and tons more. Keep a tab on everything happening on Twitter and make use of it to your advantage.



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