8 Smart Ways To Get More Youtube Subscribers

According to research, one in four Youtubers watched a branded video last month. It’s not just millennials using YouTube. Google shows that YouTube reaches 95% of online adults age +35 in a month. And according to new demographic data from Google, YouTube’s reach continues to expand to older audiences. Also, YouTube is a great platform for bloggers to broaden their internet reach by making a personal connection with their followers.

Now Let’s start with 8 easy ways to Increase Youtube Subscribers!


1. Create a plan (and script) for your videos.

The first step in getting started on your YouTube journey is to plan what your channel is going to be all about. Then you need to plan the structure of the videos. Decide what it is that you love creating and focus on developing related skills. Do not mimic trending YouTube channels. Doing what you love is more important for success on YouTube (and in life).

2. Make it Easy for People to Subscribe

While people are interested in your video (and not off to a recommended one), make subscribing as easy as possible. Include annotations allowing people to click on a button to subscribe throughout the video. In addition to placing annotations throughout your video, make sure you also verbally encouraging people to subscribe to your channel. This is a more personal way of connecting with your audience and giving them a reason why they should subscribe. Make sure to provide a few opportunities for your viewers to subscribe in case they aren’t ready when you initially ask.

3. Create attractive Video Thumbnail

Learning the title optimization and managing to display your video on the first page is not enough. Another really important task to increase click-through rate is to create an attractive thumbnail for your videos.

Create a custom thumbnail for each video instead of letting one be randomly generated. Use relevant text and image in the thumbnail. A custom video thumbnail with a minor annotation will tell your users what your video is all about.

4. Tap Into The YouTube Community

Engaging with your YouTube community will not only help you find new YouTube subscribers but also strengthen the relationship with your current subscriber base. A great way to build your YouTube subscribers is by collaborating with other creators. Do some research to see which top creators are within your niche and are posting similar content as you and don’t be afraid to reach out. Instead of competing for video views, work together and build a mutually beneficial relationship. This relationship will allow both collaborators to tap into each others’ fan bases, often leading to greater exposure for previous and future content!

5. Dissect YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is another free and powerful resource that you can leverage to increase your YouTube subscribers. YouTube Analytics enables creators to monitor the performance of their channel with a number of different metrics and reports. You can see your videos watch time, where your traffic is coming from, and the demographics of your viewers. One of the most important metrics you should pay attention to is the viewer engagement drop off data. Measuring this metric will allow you to see exactly where your videos are losing engagement which in turn will help you make the necessary changes to hold your audience. This data can also help you determine if your videos are too long or too short. Once you determine the ideal video length, YouTube Analytics can help you see what the best time to post your content is.

6. Customize your Youtube Channel

Another very effective way to increase youtube subscriber is to having a well-crafted Youtube Channel is very important to create trust with your brand. If you are getting visitors to your YouTube page, you have to make the most of the customization options that YouTube has to offer. Make the most of the YouTube channel bio and custom URL to finish up your channel customizations. Keep the bio short and to the point. You can always link to your website URL in the video description for a more detailed bio.

7. Pick tags that will be good for SEO.

Your constituents are using YouTube as a search engine – so you should be too! Think about what your supporters are searching, and make sure those keywords are included in your video tags. Keep in mind that what people are searching isn’t always an accurate description of the video.

8. Post early and often.

Promote your YouTube Channel

People don’t click on every link that’s posted by on an organization’s social media platforms. Make sure you’re continuing to post your video regularly for at least a month, and keep your posts fresh by changing the headlines and images you feature. This will include your viewership dramatically by increasing exposure to new audiences.


By using these tips, you can dramatically increase the number of subscribers who watch your video and want to engage with your organization.



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