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1. Make Unique Content

Most of the new YouTubers have the habit of copying exactly what other popular YouTubers are doing in the niche. If someone is already doing something and they are quite popular, why would the viewers watch your video? Give the viewers the reason to watch your videos and even spread them by uploading unique content.
You do not have to always choose a unique niche. Choose any niche but present the videos in a unique way so that you can attract attention effortlessly and your subscribers grow by word of mouth. Make sure your video content has its originality and it should be interesting and engaging.

2. Increase Uploading Frequency

First of all, you should make and upload videos regularly to cater to your existing subscribers. YouTube’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it gives preference to those new channels that upload videos regularly. It gives them the signal that the YouTube is serious about his channel and soon your videos will appear higher on the search result and on the recommended video list for related videos. This will make sure that new viewers will hit your channel every day and if your videos are good, they are sure to become your subscriber. One video a day could do the magic for you.

3. Make Your Thumbnail Eye-Catching

You must give equal effort in designing your thumbnail as you give in making your videos. Thumbnail is the only thing that most of the YouTuber viewers see before clicking the video to watch. It has to have something that hooks the audiences at once and force them to click it.
It can be a little bit click-bait stuff but it must be related to the topic about which your video is. Furthermore, there should be some branding about every thumbnail you design such that other cannot use them and people can recognize you immediately. You high-resolution custom images, add filters, large text, and objects to point out things and use bright colors so that it catches eyes instantly.

4. Videos Should Not Be Too Long

Even though long videos can increase the watch time on your channel and has the potential to increase revenue, but long videos can be a negative from the viewers’ perspective. Similarly, too short a video can make a bad impression. The ideal duration of a video has been considered to be just over 5 minutes because 5 minutes is the mark that YouTube consider to add more ad segments in the video.
Depending on your genre and interest of the viewers, you should experiment a little bit with a few video durations and see the analytics to find out the videos that are performing better in terms of engagement. Accordingly, you should put your video duration but never make them too long and boring.

5. Titles and Tags Optimization

Titles and tags are your weapons to get ranked higher on YouTube search page as well as on the recommended list for related videos. When it comes to titles, it has to be catchy and include all the best keywords with which people are likely to search your videos. For tags, you can use various useful chrome extensions like TubeBuddy which will tell you’re the ranking of the keywords or tags that you are using such that you can choose the best ones for better results.

6. Social Media Promotion

Most of the external sources of YouTube traffic are social media platforms. Facebook is the leading social media platform for YouTube video promotions. Create a dedicated page for your YouTube channel and post regularly. You can also post videos of other popular channels to keep the fans entertained with interesting posts.
You should do proper branding so that people take you seriously. When you collaborate with popular YouTubers, do ask them to share your social media page link so that your followers increase. You should arrange contest and giveaways to attract more and more followers to your page and eventually to your videos and channel.

7. Collaborate With Popular YouTubers

There is no secret that when you collaborate and put videos of popular YouTubers in your niche or others, you are going to get a lot of new subscribers. The reason is not just that the popular YouTubers will promote your videos on their social media and ask their subscribers to watch it.
It is also due to the fact that you will be using their names on your titles and tags and YouTube’s algorithm will pick it up and show it more on the recommended video list to the new users. It is an amazing chance for you to hook the new audiences and turn them into your subscribers.

8. Use Annotation and Call To Action

Annotations are link boxes that appear in the videos most when the video has ended. They can have links to your past videos as well as the option to subscribe your channel. Do mention in your video to subscribe your channel occasionally and innovatively such that it does not should boring and exaggeration. Put call-to-action texts and custom links at appropriate times in your video and make the intro intriguing so that viewers do check out the entire video.

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