8 Effective Ways to Get More Playlist Followers on Spotify

1. Improve your branding

When followers listen to your Spotify, the first thing they see is your page. By just seeing it, you want them to feel that it’s something they would want to go to and listen to. If it were empty, you would seem questionable. And people wouldn’t want to listen to it.

So what do people see on your page? First, the username. It’s just like your name. You want it to be something easy to remember, something catchy, but something that represents you or your music. One easy way is to stick with your name or the name of your band. That way, when your Spotify gets popular, people will know that it’s you.

This username can also be your URL and because this is online, you want something that can be easily typed on the keyboard.

Second, your photo. I agree with the saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover” and I’m not saying that you should be attractive to get followers, but pick something decent, at least. If you don’t want a photo of yourself, you can think of other things that represent your music. A logo actually works, as this makes people feel that there is a brand you are protecting.

By having a Spotify, you are, in one way or another, an artist. You have to think that every detail they see on your page is part of your branding. So it has to be decent and well thought out. When you get popular, this is what will stick to them.


2. Make your track description catchy

One way to attract listeners is to catch their attention via the description of your new track or music. You can tell a story of how you came up with the track. Backstories are always interesting for listeners. It puts more heart into the track. Some other sites say that you can use the phrase “repost if you like it.” Believe it or not, if a listener really likes your track, he will share it, even if you don’t ask him to.


3. Shameless plug!

Who will help yourself, aside from… well, yourself? One option to gain more followers is to promote your Spotify on your various social media accounts. If you have a new track, you can always share it on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. They are YOUR social media accounts, anyway.

But don’t make it to a point that you plug your Spotify every hour, or in every chance that you get even if it’s inappropriate. This will just annoy people, which can be a reason why they won’t follow you at all.

If you are really that aggressive, you can also ask your friends, cousins, or other relatives to listen to your music and then share.


4. Network, network, network!

Twitter users who want to get noticed follow various accounts even if they don’t really know them. This is because the Twitter account that was just followed will get a notification, and there’s a big chance that he/she will check your profile.

Same goes for Spotify . You can also browse for music you like and you can hit the like button, or share their tracks. But of course, it would be much better if you like or comment on tracks that you actually like. This way, you build real connections.

You should also browse Facebook groups whose members are into the same kinds of music as you are and share what you have.

You can also check Spotify groups, and interact with others there. By interacting with others, you might actually have the chance to be friends with them. And who know, you might actually start a collaboration and produce a wonderful track!


5. Make your profile visible on search engines

As I’ve said earlier, you have to think of a username that is easily remembered and typed. And since this is online, you should also think of a name that will be easier to find online. This way, you can optimize Google search and compete with other Spotify users. Spotify also suggests that using your display name as your profile URL is also effective. Adding the links of your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, can also be helpful for search optimization.


6. Tags

Putting tags in every track you create is one way for people to be informed that you have the same interests. If a person is looking for a certain genre, for example, and you have added that as a tag in one of your tracks, then there’s a big chance he will see yours and listen to it.


7. Create tracks regularly

With the many Spotify users and great content out there, you don’t want to be left out and forgotten. If you are not consistent and you only upload tracks once in months, then you would really have a problem. In fact, according to Spotify , being consistently online will create accountability, establish your reputation and make you more discoverable.


8. Key is great content

The best way to get followers is to make an effort to make your tracks entertaining, or something worth their time listening. Sure you can try all these things but, if your content itself, is lacking then these things won’t work. No matter how hard you try to promote it, people won’t listen to it, if it’s not good.


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