7 Ways to Get Your Video go Viral on Youtube!

1. Get Existing Subscribers to View the Video Quickly

Perhaps the number one most important thing you can do for a video is get a strong burst of views in the first three days after the video comes out. It doesn’t necessarily matter where those views come from, so long as they’re real and valid views, but it’s easiest to get them from your subscribers.

2. Encourage Longer Views

Longer views are empirically better than shorter views, though complete views of a Vine-length video work just fine. If you’re concerned about marketing and not just meme-producing, though, you’re going to want to produce longer videos. I know a lot of common advice recommends the ideal length of a YouTube video at somewhere around two or three minutes, but that’s an odd side effect of how YouTube is often used for music and memes as well as marketing.

I actually recommend videos closer to 10 minutes long. You just need to find a topic that’s engaging enough to get people to sit through it all. These videos need to be value-dense and should keep watching all the way through.


3. Get People from Off-Site to Browse YouTube

A newsletter, a blog, business cards with your channel name on it; it doesn’t matter how you do it.


4. Engage Your Audience Outside of YouTube

Obviously, you can’t just make Facebook posts telling people to go to YouTube; you need something more to it. Actually, Facebook is a pretty bad place to promote a YouTube channel. Since Facebook has their own video engine and are trying to compete with YouTube on that front, they sneakily do a little demotion of YouTube video links.


5. Stick to a Narrow Niche to Bring Repeats Viewers

I’ve already mentioned that getting people to view your videos right away is very important, but how do you do it? One great way is to focus your channel on a narrow niche and style of content. People who only play horror video games with a face cam, people who only post about Facebook marketing, people who only share a certain genre of music; these are the kinds of narrow channels that succeed.


6. Don’t Experiment with Content: Bad Videos Hurt Channels

Conversely, if you have something that works, don’t experiment. People come to see your content, and if you upload a new type of content that doesn’t jive with the rest of your videos, those new videos won’t get the attention of your existing audience


7. Optimize Video Impressions for Maximum Interest

By “video impressions” I mean the bit of the video that shows up in the recommendation. This is two things; your thumbnail and the first handful of characters of your title. Titles are easy enough, and you should have plenty of experience with that from blog posts.

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