7 Tricks To Increase Youtube Likes And Comments On Your Videos

There were many reasons for my hatred. The quality was terrible. The commenters were idiots. The interface was ugly. And particularly insulting to me: we didn’t get very many comments . For all of these reasons, I spent very little time optimizing our YouTube videos and at the end of the first season we decided to ignore it altogether and just use it as one of our many upload destinations.

Here are the 7 most valuable lessons I learned about how to increase YouTube comments and how to build a profitable YouTube Channel.


1. Video Content

The first area that people fail is the videos they’re creating.

YouTube isn’t a shopping website. You can’t make purchases in the platform. Why would you create sales videos?

It’s perfectly fine to use YouTube to host your videos, but people don’t give a shit about your new product.

YouTuber’s are seeking content to help them solve problems, learn skills, watch cat videos and waste time. In order to get that automated steam of views, focus your content accordingly.

2. Create Thumbnails That Are Attractive

Custom thumbnails are still only available to YouTube Partners, but if you’re a partner, definitely take the time to create good thumbnails. If you’re not a partner, you will have a choice of three thumbnail options auto-generated by YouTube. Pick the best one and don’t sweat it too much. This is what I did for our first 80 or so videos. Once you have the option of creating custom thumbnails, focus on thumbnails that will look good in search engine results. This will result in more views.

3. Length of Video

YouTube is constantly updating their search algorithm to a deliver better user experience.

When the platform first launched, aggregate video views were heavily incorporated into the ranking decision (i.e. the more views your video got, the higher it would rank).

This left the door wide open for IP blockers, click farming and a terrible user experience. YouTube quickly got smart and changed their algorithm to take engagement factors into account.

4. Add The Youtube Widget

On your website or blog, make sure that you take advantage of the YouTube widget. If your website is getting enough traffic, it’s a great way to let your visitors know that you have a YouTube channel. If they are a fan of your website, then there’s a good chance they will be a fan of your videos as well.

To get this widget, you can either download a plugin for your blog or copy a simple piece of code to place on your website.

5. Interact

Studies have shown that people who interact with their viewers see a lot more results than those who just treat it like a web host. Every day, take a few minutes to interact with those who have left a comment. Aside from commenting on your channel, reach out to other channels and interact on their page. If people find your comments intriguing enough, they may be tempted to click on your profile to see what you have to offer.

6. Create A Clickable Table Of Contents To Drive People In

Your video description and/or the pinned comment should have a clickable table of contents to draw viewers into the video. This will improve deep views into the video, which are a crucial factor in YouTube rankings.

7. Youtube Branding elements: Video Intros and Outros

To be fair, intros are not very big on YouTube. Nor should they be. On TV you have an opening theme song, but YouTube audiences rarely have the patience for that. There is so much good stuff going on here that viewers can’t help but click on it. And what happens when they click? They stay engaged with this channel for longer instead of not knowing what to do next and going to Cracked instead. Your viewers are always one click away from leaving you …but with a good outro, they’re also one click away from staying with you.


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