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1) Encourage sharing, allow comments, video responses and embedding of your video.

Everyone likes to be heard and if you allow for comments then you will give people that chance. The other thing about comments is that it creates a community around the video and if a conversation is taking place then people will keep coming back. Allowing video responses to your video means a lot of extra people could link to your video via theirs, resulting in many more views. Similarly, if you allow anyone to embed your video on their website, it is like free advertising and the video could easily end up all over the internet. This is often how the most views are achieved with a video.

2) Title your movie with catchy keywords AND BE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Similarly you need to create a title that contains your keywords but at the same time is enticing to click. You may even want to go to YouTube and see what is already there when you type “Rihanna Diamonds”. When I did that, the number one video that came up was obviously the original from Rihanna which has over 270,000,000 views titled simply “Rihanna – Diamonds”. One technique is to title your video with a similar title to another popular video. E.g you could use something like “Rihanna – Diamonds (Cover) by John Smith”. This will give you a good chance of ranking in the “related videos” section of YouTube and therefore bring a ton of extra views. Here is the free tool from YouTube that enables you find the most popular keywords.

3) Fill out the video description with at least 2 – 3 paragraphs of text.

This is an important step that most people overlook. YouTube wants to know what your video is about and the video description section is the best way to validate this. So I recommend you either write a 2 minute transcript of the video or at the very least 2 paragraphs explaining its contents. It should include all your main key words in a natural way. For a music video you can put the lyrics to the song or at least some of them.

4) Put all the keywords from the title and description in the “tags” section.

The next step is to fill out the YouTube tags section with all the main key words and phrases that relate to your video. This is a super important part of YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and really helps your video show up in different search results. For example you could use; Rihanna, Rhianna, Rianna, Cover, video, Diamonds, unapologetic. These tags are based on both the example video’s keywords and the keywords of other popular YouTube videos.
Network your video

5) Insert Videos at the End of Your Video

You’ve worked hard to get the most number of people possible to watch your YouTube video.
Here is a golden opportunity: show your other related videos at the end of the video!
This is the moment when your viewers are most engaged in your content.
If you linked to 2 other videos of yours on every video you make, you end up with a huge network of inter-linking videos that boost their rankings and traffic.
It is best to actually insert the video footage of other videos at the end of the video. Here is an example:

6) Share your video with all your friends – quickly!

YouTube loves new videos and gives them an extra chance to rank well in the first week or so after being uploaded. So to take advantage of this, you’ll need to be a ninja and share the video in every way you know. Get Facebook likes, learn how to get more followers on Twitter and then send it to everyone there. Email it, and tell your friends to do the same if they like the video. If you have a Facebook fanpage then this is perfect content for that page and depending on the fan base can quickly get you a lot of views. rihanna-diamonds-youtube-views

7) Direct lots of links to your video

Most people think of external SEO as a way to boost rankings for pages on their own domain, but it also plays a huge role in page ranks for YouTube videos.
When you have lots of authority websites directing links to your YouTube videos, they rank higher for their keywords, which boosts visits to your website. From your website, people see more of your videos, which boosts the rankings of THOSE videos.
Soon, you have a network of popular videos feeding massive traffic into each other and growing every day.




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