6 Ways to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

1. Use Appropriate Video Tags

Using tags when uploading your videos is another great way to get more views. By tagging specific people or places in your description, you are giving your viewers and additional way that they can identify with your specific video vs a competitor’s. A few tagging tips to remember:

  • Use your city name or state, county or town name when shooting local videos. This will help to ensure your video will appear along with other videos that are about your city or specific area.
  • Use popular keywords when tagging to make sure the video shows up in search results.
  • Use names of other popular YouTube channels that are related to the content of your video. This will help it show up in the related videos of those popular channels.

2. Collaborate with Other Channels

This is an easy one! Find other YouTube channels that are related to your industry, business, or niche, and invite them to appear in your videos. In return, you can appear on theirs and cross-promote on each other’s channels. This way you both get more subscribers and more views.

3. Use Annotations to Point to Your Other Videos

YouTube has a unique feature that allows you to add annotations to your videos. Annotations are important because they can drive viewers to more content, increase community actions on your videos and attract new subscribers. This is an effective tool as people would typically only watch a video until the end if they really enjoyed what they’re watching.  Now, to keep them on their toes, you can throw in a thumbnail of your other videos and add an annotation so they can click, go right on, and watch your other videos, resulting in more views. If you’re going to use this technique, however, make sure that you don’t “block” or annoy your audience… You know what I’m talking about.

4. Use Attractive Thumbnails

It is a good idea to design an attractive thumbnail for your video, something that will grab attention and also give the viewer the information they need. Use bright colors for this, and maybe add a term that describes your video content so anyone in search of related videos will click. Also, be sure not to use misleading thumbnails like a girl in a bikini – “the top Vines of 2015” – unless that’s what the content is. This can actually hurt you instead. People who click on a misleading thumbnail will quickly realize your video has nothing to do with the graphic that interested them and will click off and leave your video. This will actually result in a low retention rate and low ratings which lowers your video ranking and less people will see your videos on the homepage.

5. Using Popular Keywords as Titles

Create your video around a popular keyword, and use this keyword in your title. Doing so will ensure your video shows up the most frequently when anyone is searching for these keywords on Google or YouTube. Popular keywords are being searched thousands of times a month, and when your video contains any of them, you can potentially get those thousands of views every month.

6. Give Your Post a Paid Boost

Although getting your post featured on a Channel is awesome, it isn’t enough. You need to help your post go red hot.

After your content gets attached to the channel, you need to quickly drive lots of traffic to it. This will help push your post to top of channel, as opposed to being just listed on the channel in fifth position (or wherever it ends up being shown).

You have to get to the top spot. How?

Spend a few bucks (no more than $50) on Facebook and Twitter promoted posts. This will help quickly drive lots of traffic to your LinkedIn post.



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