6 Easy Tips to Streaming Success on Spotify-The Secret To Success!

Looking for more Spotify followers? Spotify is the top music streaming subscription platform right now with over 140 million active users (60 million are paying subscribers). As Spotify continues to grow and offer new tools to help you succeed as an independent artist, it makes sense to devote time and effort to increase your number of followers on this platform.


1. Turn the Playlists Up

Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services have fundamentally changed how people listen to music. In the process, they’ve changed how artists and songs break. Radio may remain the most popular way of discovering music among casual fans, but unless you’re Drake or Rihanna, it’s hard to get any play. Plus, real fans—the people who go to concerts and buy merch and actually pay for music—use streaming services like Spotify.

2. Create Your Own Playlists

Let’s not forget that you can also become a curator.

In fact, this is something David Nevue mentioned in his essential book, How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet: The Musician’s Guide to Effective Music Promotion on the Internet. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a few digital sales thanks to a playlist I created when my first album came out.

Keep in mind that your playlists will probably need to be promoted in one way or another. You’ll want to get support from your fans, friends and family, and you’ll also want to avoid featuring your own tracks too heavily or it will look overly self-promotional.

It’s also good to know that you can create playlists collaboratively, and that’s a good way to leverage others and drive more interest.

3. Keep Creating Music

If you’re constantly putting new music on Spotify, you can condition people to just follow you naturally to keep up with your releases. It gives more reason and benefit for fans to do so. After all, harping on fans to follow you on Spotify when you’ve only posted 5 songs for the past couple years isn’t the most convincing or worthy of their time.

4. Playlisting

Create playlists around a theme where your own songs can be included in. Promote this playlist on social media and even your Spotify profile. Obviously, don’t fill it up with a bunch of your own songs, you want it to be a good mix that fits the theme. Share these playlists on social media and even tag some of the other artists you’ve included. The idea is to get others to like and share your playlists so it can give you some exposure to new audiences and ultimately some follows.

5. Using REDDIT

In REDDIT there is a playlist called subreddit. This can host one composition every month. This is chosen as the best playlist which has been created within one single theme. Another way is one can simply upload for this subreddit. This helps in bringing the power of ranking algorithm of Reddit to Spotify playlist.

6. Final Thoughts

When it comes right down to it, getting on a playlist isn’t that complicated. Make great music. Figure out who the influencers are. Reach out to them. Be courteous and respectful in how you communicate with them. Have a professional online presence. Follow up. Promote the playlists you get featured on.

Don’t forget – you aren’t going to win the jackpot every single time, but if you keep putting yourself out there, there’s no telling what could happen.

Moreover, don’t shrug off the idea of becoming a curator yourself. There could be huge potential in creating your own playlists and building an audience around them.



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