4 Tips To Get More Followers On SoundCloud | SMMSUMO

Use the bio to get the attention of users

“Consider your bio as your five-second chance to convince SoundCloud users why they should care about your tracks and listen to them. Tell them something about you in two (or three) short sentences. Seriously. That’s all the space and time you have got. Don’t mess around here.”

Add social media links to a SoundCloud profile


“Click on Links to add websites and social media accounts associated with your tracks. This can be your band or podcast homepage or maybe a venue or festival you’re performing at. Don’t be shy. This is a chance for fans to find you and stay up-to-date on what you are doing. Bonus: If you add a link to a Songkick or Bandpage URL to your profile we will automatically display your upcoming shows on your SoundCloud profile.”

Showcase best work

“If you’re a Pro or Pro Unlimited user, use the Spotlight function to list up to five tracks or playlists at the top of your profile. Tracks listed on Spotlight will be highlighted on your profile. Other tracks will be displayed – with most recent at the top – underneath spotlighted tracks.”

Upload a high-quality profile picture

Your user image should serve as a visual representation of you or some aspect of your style. It could be anything from a simple photograph to a funky symbol to the artwork of your latest release. Be sure to select high-resolution images so your profile will appear more professional at a glance.

  • Show a little character by putting up an action shot of your playing, or use an original logo to create clear branding for your bands or conceptual project.
  • For the cleanest-looking display, SoundCloud recommends that users choose an image that’s a square 1000×1000 pixels.


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