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It can be very difficult to get a new YouTube channel off its feet. You post your latest web series episode or monologue and wait and wait and wait for the likes, comments and subscribers to come pouring in. Instead… crickets. But don’t worry—here are ten quick tips to help you get your first 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel. 

1. Narrow your audience

A lot of novice content creators create random videos that they think everyone will like. What usually happens is because they’re trying desperately to appeal to everyone, they end up appealing to no one. Think hard about who you’re creating content for. Are they TV actors, Game of Thrones fans, Harry Potter fans or horror film lovers? Be specific. Before you create any content do some research on YouTube to see what kind of content they like. What keywords are in this content? Then you can create content you know your audience will enjoy. 

2. Create a Trailer For Your Channel

You can upload a trailer for your channel that will only autoplay for people who are not subscribed to your channel. Keep your trailer short, exciting and end with a call to action to subscribe. 

3. Create an Interesting Profile

Don’t ignore your YouTube account’s ‘About’ section. This is where you can sell your channel to potential subscribers. Tell the viewer what they will gain by watching your channel and why they should subscribe. The keywords in your ‘About’ section will also help your channel rank higher in search results.

4. Choose Searchable Titles

When choosing a title for your videos, think about what your audience would actually type in search to find your content. Pro tip: only the first 45 characters of your title are viewable in search, so keep your keywords toward the front. 

5. Create Better Thumbnails

Your thumbnail is like a mini movie poster for your content. Its only job is to get people to watch! Your video can come up in search, but if your thumbnail is boring no one will click on it (and, obviously, never subscribe). Remember, people are visual and you need to stand out from your competition. Bright, high-resolution, compelling thumbnails (containing the title) usually perform very well. 

6. Start Building a Community, Not Just a Channel

Speaking of community, as you engage with your viewers, start to think of your YouTube presence as the basis for a community, not just a channel.

Create Q&A videos based on your viewers’ questions. Host chats on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Create a Facebook group or Google+ community for your audience and others who are interested in your niche to discuss relevant subjects. Work to build the community, and the community will work with you to get more YouTube subscribers.

7. More Viewers Will Lead To More People Subscribing

The more people see your videos, the more subscribers you can potentially get. So, in addition to engaging with your viewers on YouTube, you should also promote your channel, videos, and playlists on social media, on your blog (definitely consider doing so), and through collaborations with other YouTubers.

As you do all of this marketing and promotion work, though, remember that people need to be able to find your videos on their own, as well. Optimizing each and every YouTube video is really the only way to do this.

So, make sure that you include relevant keywords naturally in your video titles and descriptions. Use as many relevant video tags as you can. Always use high-quality custom thumbnails. Make it more likely for search engines to find you, and then add eye-catching details (like a catchy title or a great thumbnail) to draw attention to your video

8. Use Annotations and YouTube Cards

Finally, annotations and YouTube cards give you the ability to add links within your videos. You can use these to sell branded merchandise, to take viewers to your social media profiles, website, or blog, or to collaborate with other YouTubers.

These in-video links are very useful tools as you work to get more YouTube subscribers, as they make videos more interactive and give you more options to link viewers to your other media.

The best part about YouTube cards is that they’re not just visible on laptops or desktops. They also work on the YouTube App, so you will always have that added level of interactivity, no matter how, where, or on what device your viewers find your content.

9. Add a Watermark!

YouTube allows you to add a branding watermark to your videos that allows non-subscribers to become subscribers with one click. The watermark can be easily uploaded in your Channel Settings.

10. Use YouTube’s Free Analytics

Find the Audience Retention Graphs in your YouTube analytics. These will teach you what your audience likes. People could be clicking away from your video at the same time. Maybe your intro is too long or maybe your video is too long and many people leave after five minutes. Keep them watching! The longer they watch the better you’ll show up in search and the more subscribers you’ll get.

11. Create Consistent Content

If your goal is channel growth, create a schedule for your content. Decide whether you’ll publish weekly, bi-weekly, etc. and what days you’ll publish. Viewers like structure and will be more likely to subscribe if they know how often they’ll be getting a video

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